Super Mario Sunshine/Sirena Beach

Episode 1: The Manta Storm edit

  • Objective: Defeat the Manta. It splits into parts every time you kill it.

This is the Island's most luxurious hotel, but the guests are a bit irate at the moment because they have reservations but no hotel. There is a new kind of goop covering the ground though, and it's more dangerous than what you've seen up to now because it gives you a painful electric shock if you touch it.

Clean up some of the goop; there are two Nokis buried in it that will be grateful for a rescue. See "Using FLUDD" in Controls for fast spray cleaning techniques. You can also get a 1-Up by breaking the middle box of three on the left side of the beach. Speak to the hotel manager who is right next to where the hotel should be on a large square surrounded by moat. He'll tell you that a manta-shaped silhouette appeared, covered the beach in electric goop, and destroyed his hotel. Then, he'll be interrupted by its return.

Manta Ray

The manta ray starts spreading more electric goop around, but it doesn't like water to keep spraying it while keeping your distance. This is giant manta but when you get enough water on it it splits into two large mantas. Both of these split into three medium mantas, which in turn split into four small mantas each. Finally each of the small mantas split into four tiny mantas when you spray them.

Fortunately the tiny mantas are afraid of you and won't get close, so you're free to fight the larger ones and try to clear some goop free patches of ground since all the mantas leave trails behind them. They can't leave any on water or on treetops, though. Two useful techniques here are hovering and spin-squirting. The mantas cannot reach Mario under the cabana roofs, so this is the perfect place to shoot water at them with impunity.

Once there are only the tiny mantas left they get over their fear and start to attack, all 96 of them unless you've managed to chase some of them down while fighting the larger ones. Fortunately it just takes one squirt of water to make one disappear into a puff of smoke. To keep them from surrounding you, you may want to find a wall. The spin-squirt is very effective here, but the easiest thing to do is run towards the beach and run up and down the beach, constantly spraying everything nearby.

Once they're all gone, a cutscene will show the hotel reappearing and you can collect a Shine above a small fountain in the middle of the area.

Episode 2: The Hotel Lobby's Secret edit

  • Objective: spray the pink ghosts to make stairs to the top floor appear.

The hotel is back but it's still not open to guests because there are ghosts all over. Talk to the manager again to be shown inside and you'll see what the problem is. There are Boos wandering around and, according to one of the hotel staff, they came out of the mouth of a statue on the top floor.

Getting there is tricky because the stairs all have emergency shutters in place. There are pink Boos floating around the middle of the lobby and if you spray them they turn into pink blocks you can stand on. So you need spray to get a block, jump up to it and spray to get a block a bit higher. Keep doing this to make your way up to the top floor. Now just hover into the statue's mouth to enter a secret level.

From the starting platform hop to the row of brick blocks on the left. Stus start coming toward you but these should be no problem. There are more bricks above you as you get near the end of the row, and you can break these from below by jumping. (Mario's head has always been very hard.) The first of these blocks has a 1-Up inside.

Do a wall-kick or triple jump to get up to the next row of blocks. There are gaps which you must get across, but there are flying Stus you can use as stepping stones. These fly left and right so you have to time your jumps. One of the blocks is made of sand which dissolves when you stand on it, so it takes a bit of extra planning to jump from it to the Stu.

You land on a ledge with brick blocks above it. Jump to break on of them at the lowest layer, then use wall kicks to get the ones above it until you can wall kick up to the top. Next follow the trail of sand blocks; if you've already done the Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret in Gelato Beach then you should be used to this, but the path here is a bit more complicated. There is a side path going down to the right but avoid it.

Now you're on a rectangle of blocks of various kinds. There are watermelon blocks at the far end and if you smash your way down to the bottom of these a 1-Up appears.

At the bottom of the far end is a gear shaped block and the next step is to jump onto it. It starts to move and turn when you do; you just need to stay on top until it takes you to your destination. The gear teeth make this rather tricky though, so make sure you don't try to go over them faster than you need to.

There is a pile of sand blocks to jump to at the then of the gear block ride. Get over to the other side being careful not to slip as you're coming down the far side. There you are met by one last Stu who is guarding the Shine.

Episode 3: Mysterious Hotel Delfino edit

  • Objective: Discover the mystery of the hotel.

Well the hotel is finally open for business, the Doot-Doot Sisters are dancing to Ukulele music on the beach, and there are only a few Boos around to disturb the guests. Talk to the hotel manager to be invited inside and start exploring.

You'll be able to see the Shine in the pool on the third floor, but the pool monitor won't let you in with street clothes, so you need to get past him somehow. This is pretty complicated though and you will need to explore most of the hotel before you'll be able to do it.

First, you're going to need Yoshi. There's an egg right next to the hotel desk but Yoshi wants a pineapple to hatch. There is a fruit stand in the lobby but, of course, they have everything except pineapple. It seems someone is hoarding them, so you need to explore the rooms to find where the pineapples are hidden.

All the room doors are locked except for one on the third floor. Just make a note of that fact for now. There's guest in the lobby who gives you a clue what to next; he points out that there's some water damage in the Men's room. (The woman in the Women's room will chew you out if you talk to her.)

Find the stall where the water damage is and jump to find yourself in the tub in the room upstairs. There's actually a second way into this room which you can discover by jumping on the bed. It's through a trapdoor in the pool lobby. Talk to the woman whose room you've invaded and she mentions that a painting is giving off a weird vibe. Spray the painting and the picture changes to a Boo, then jump through into the next room.

There are two Nokis in here and they've got a couple of Boos in with them. Get rid of the Boos so maybe the couple will calm down a bit, then spray the panels in the doorway which connects to the next room. When all four panels are turned you see the outline of a Boo and the doorway opens.

There's a Pianta woman in here and she's got pink Boos with her. Spray to turn them into blocks as in the previous episode and go through the hole in the ceiling.

Now you're in a small room with a lone Noki; Spray the shelf to open a way to the next room. There is a Pianta in here but he doesn't seem to be a guest because the furniture is all piled up against the walls. From talking to him it seems that he's our pineapple hoarder, but he's misplaced them. There are posters here you can spray your way through but we don't need to right now. Instead, look for the patch of floor that a different color than the rest. It's a trap door that takes you down to the floor below.

There are crates in here with the missing pineapples, so pick one up and go back to the lobby so you can wake up Yoshi.

The first thing you need remember about Yoshi here is that you can't open doors while riding him. So if you go into a room with a closed door with him he'll get trapped inside and you'll have to go through the entire previous route to get him back.

Take Yoshi to the third floor and go into room with the open door. There is a Noki couple in there but they won't mind if you bounce on the bed to get into the attic.

The attic is a maze and there are several places where you can break through into the third floor again. Some of these have already been explored, and some haven't, but only one leads to the Shine. Start by exploring the maze and have Yoshi eat every ghost in sight so they don't block the way.

If you remember the layout of the third floor, the room with the Noki couple is just to the left of the pool. So in the attic you need to follow the left wall from the hole you came through. You end up going a corner too far and then doubling back to the one you want, but you end in a room where you can crash through the floor into the pool. Now the Shine is yours to collect.

Episode 4: The Secret of Casino Delfino edit

  • Objective: Play some slots and finish the level in an obstacle course.

Talk to the hotel manager and go inside. Then Talk to the Pianta on the left after passing the front desk to get into the casino.

There are several games in here, but for now you want to play the two large slot machines until you get three 7's. On the machine on the right, the spinners nearly always land on the same thing. So if you get one 7 then the other two will be 7's as well. You still have to keep spinning until you get a 7 though, so collect the coins and defeat the Boos that come out until you do. Once you get the jackpot the machine stops working and it's time to try the other one.

On the machine on the left only the spinners you spray actually turn. So spray the middle one until you get a 7 on it, then spray the left and right spinners while avoiding the middle one until you get a 7 on them. This also stops working when you get the jackpot.

When both of the machines read jackpot, the curtain between them open reveal a square of 16 question marks. Spray the tiles and they flip more or less at random, but only the tiles you hit with water will flip. You want to flip all the tiles to get a picture of a Shine. It's best to start at the top row and work your way down and to the sides so you end with the bottom corners. That's because it's difficult to just spray one tile but you can control FLUDD enough to just hit tiles below ones that have been flipped or just ones in a lower corner. This still takes some patience though since the occasional splash can still flip a tile you don't want it to.

When you get the shine picture it disappears and you see a pipe behind it, so jump in to start a secret level.

You start on a platform with two sliding cubes, and of course if you're standing in the wrong spot the cubes will push you off the platform and you need to start over. There is another cube behind platform moving back and forth. Wait until that cube is approaching the platform, then slip between the sliding cubes and hop to the other cube before you get pushed off the platform.

Now ride the cube you're on to another platform. This is a bit more complicated because there are six sliding cubes, holes in the platform, and there is an added danger of being squished between two cubes if you're between them. If the two blocks in front are coming toward then immediately jump to the left so you don't get pushed off. If not then stay put until they start coming toward, then move to the left. While the front blocks are moving toward the front edge, sneak behind them and grab the 1-Up on the right side of the platform, but don't hang around because this is a good place to be squished. Now head left and then to the back of the platform where the blocks are relatively easy to avoid. Hop onto a cube behind this platform to carry to on to the next obstacle; this one rotates so you have to keep moving to stay on top.

Now you have four blocks that move from side to side, but all you have to do is jump from block to block until you get to the last one. Then comes one of the rotating beams you first met in Episode 4 of Ricco Harbor. There is a 1-Up above it but it's difficult to reach so you're probably better off just moving on. There is one last cube to ride and it rotates in complicated ways so you have to watch carefully to stay on top, but it takes you to the Shine in the end.

Episode 5: King Boo Down Below edit

  • Objective: Defeat King Boo

Get into the casino as in the previous episode. The manager mentions something about strange noises being heard in the casino so it's actually closed to the public.

This time the game you're interested in is roulette, but one of the colored areas on the wheel is purple instead of green or red. Ground pound it and the wheel lowers you into the basement where there is a larger roulette wheel and King Boo appears ready for a fight.

Boss fight
King Boo

King Boo will normally just spit up Boos to attack you. Meanwhile there are three rotating wheels moving underneath you. You can stop the wheels temporarily by ground pounding the purple areas.

Spray King Boo in the face to get him to spin the slots below him. There are several outcomes:

  • ?: Different enemies appear.
  • Coins: Coins appear. Handy to help restore life.
  • Stus: Strollin' Stus appear in great numbers. Watch out, because Smolderin' Stus also appear. Douse them quickly.
  • No Luck: Bubbles appear when the slots don't match. Pop them to get bottles to refill FLUDD's tank. However, the bubbles can hurt you.
  • Fruit: Fruit appears.

You can only damage King Boo by throwing fruit at him. Regular fruit alone does nothing, but chili peppers are too hot for him and he opens his mouth to cool off. Now if you throw a regular fruit at him the combination will hurt him.

Each time King spins the slots the wheels underneath you start to turn again, so don't waste too much effort stopping them, but it's better to not have the floor moving under you so stop them when it's convenient.

Hit King Boo three times with the fruit combo and he'll be defeated. This means you need to get fruit on the slots three times among all the other random outcomes, so the battle can take a while depending on luck. Claim your Shine Sprite when the battle is over.

Episode 6: Scrubbin' Sirena Beach edit

  • Objective: Clean up Sirena Beach

The electric goop is back! You talk to the manager automatically at the start and you get three minutes to clean it up. Use the spray nozzle for most of it (the Hover Nozzle is much slower), but you can throw the barrels to get large areas. It may also help to hold down R and tap a to produce a wide spray of water. Don't worry about getting every little drip; it's enough to get the larger patches. When you've cleared enough goop, the timer stops. Talk to the manager again to collect your Shine. You can also spray goop off two Nokis in front of the hut for 1-Ups, and two more Nokis by the beach chairs for blue coins.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario Checks In edit

  • Objective: Chase down Shadow Mario

Chase Shadow Mario as in the other levels. Watch out for Boos that disguise themselves as Shadow Mario. They are a slightly lighter color than he is and stand still while Shadow Mario runs around. Squirt them to turn them into regulars boos then stomp on them so they don't make trouble any more.

Episode 8: Red Coins in the Hotel edit

  • Objective: Find all eight Red coins in 5 minutes.

Enter the hotel as usual and find a red button in the lobby. Press it to start the timer and make Red coins appear around the hotel. You have five minutes to find all the Red Coins. For much of this you repeat the same routes as in Episode 3, but there are no ghosts to deal with this time.

  1. The first coin is right next to the button.
  2. Go to the back of the lobby and turn right to enter to women's room and find a coin there.
  3. Now go into the men's room and through the ceiling as in Episode 3. Wash the painting as you did then and go through, then find a coin in the next room.
  4. Exit to the 2nd floor hall and head toward the stairs; the next coin is on the way.
  5. Go up the stairs and find the next coin in the 3rd floor hall.
  6. Go into the pool and find a coin in the back.
  7. Go into the room with the open door to the left of the pool. The Noki couple are still in there. Bounce on the bed to get into the attic as in Episode 3. Now go counterclockwise to the next corner and find the room with six Gold coins. Break through the weak spot in the floor to get into the room below. Now spray the poster to make a hole in the wall and go through to get another coin.
  8. Go back to the previous room and break through the floor where it's a different color. Now you're in the room where the pineapples were in Episode 3. Find the last coin in the doorway leading to the next room.

The Shine appears in the lobby, so go down and pick it up.

100 coins Shine edit

It's possible that you could get unlimited coins in the battle with King Boo because you occasionally get coins when he spins the slots. This only seems to happen when you're low on health though and it's a risky balance to stay low on health during a boss battle. Aside from that, if your going for a high coin count, you might try episode 4 because you can get coins from playing the one of the big slot machines. The problem is that if you get 100 coins before going into the casino, you can't get back out to get the shine once you've gotten the extra coins.

But if you're just interested in getting the Shine, then we recommend Episode 7 simply because you can enter all the rooms in the hotel without doing any puzzles. Plus there are Boos around and you can get coins from them. There aren't many more than 100 coins in this episode, so you don't get to skip many if you want the Shine.

  • Outside
    • Break the boxes near the beach (1 coin)
    • Look in the ceilings of the cabanas (3 coins)
    • Spray the flames in front of the hotel. There are two flames on the upper floor and another one in the middle of the area. (10 coins)
  • Inside
    • Lobby pool and behind the front desk (14 coins)
    • Spray the flames in the lobby (10 coins)
    • Spray the plant in the women's room (1 coin)
    • Second and third floor halls (6 coins)
    • Second and third floor Boos (11 coins)
    • Guest rooms and pool in plain sight (32 coins)
    • Spray Second and third floor lamps and doors (8 coins)
    • Attic (18 coins)

The Shine appears in the lobby assuming you get the 100th coin in the hotel.

Secret Shine #1 edit

Start Episode 2 and enter the Hotel Lobby's secret area for a replay.

You don't reach the button until the trail of sand blocks, so get there pretty much as you did before; hovering just makes it a bit easier. Press the button and you have 1:30 to get the Red coins.

Jump and hover from the button and fly through Coin #1, then land on the next section of blocks. Run down them and jump to the next section to land on Coin #2; you need to jump just as you land to get a double jump in. You should have enough height now to hover to Coin #3 which is high up above the end of the trail. If you don't get the double jump then you'll have to do a back-flip to get the needed height and it will be awkward. When you get to the big rectangle of blocks grab Coin #4 from the top at the far end. The next coin is rather deviously placed at the bottom of the near end. Slide down the end of the rectangle to land on the gear shaped block and quickly hop back to the the rectangle. Hop and hover around the side of the rectangle, then back into it on a row of blocks with Gold coins and Red Coin #5. Do the same maneuver in reverse to get to the end of the rectangle. Hopefully the gear shaped block will be somewhere in the middle of its track about now since you started it when you landed on it earlier. Jump and hover to it, then jump and hover from there to the pile of sand blocks; this depends on the gear being at the right spot so you'll have to wait if it's too far away. If it happens to be near you then just hop on as you did in Episode 2 and ride it part way to the pile of sand blocks. Coins #6 and #7 are on the left and right sides of the sand blocks and you should be able to just hover to them. Coin #8 is above the front block, so hop up to the top of the pile, hover to the coins and drop straight down so you land on the block below. The timer will have stopped by now so take your time getting across the sand blocks to the platform with the Shine.

Secret Shine #2 edit

Start Episode 4 and enter the Casino Delfino secret area for a replay.

The button is right at the start, press it and you have 1:00 to get the Red coins.

Coin #1 is right in front of the button, but inside one of the sliding cubes much of the time. You might want to time when you press the button so that you can get the coin right away. You should be able to reach it with a hop and a hover. Coin #2 is above the track of the cube behind the first platform. If the cube is in front of the coin then glide to it, bounce on it and hover through the coins, landing on the next platform. If the cube is behind the coins then hover through the coin then bounce on the cube. Coin #3 is in the middle of the second platform between the holes. Approach it from the left or from between the front cubes as they separate. Then make your way to the far side of the platform. Coin #4 is above the track of the cube moving behind the platform and you might try a tactic similar to the one for coin #2. It seems to work better when the cube is moving away from you though. Coins #5, #6 and #7 are above the blocks that move from side to side after this. They are high up so try to get a bounce on the cube leading to them so you get good height for Cube #5. For the other two, and in case you miss the bounce on the first one, try wall kicks off the sides of the of the frame that the blocks are moving through. Cube #8 is above the rotating beam and very high up. You might try a triple jump on the beam, but whats seem to work better is to go on to the large cube beyond, do a back-flip and hover back to the coin. That way all you have to do is not fall off the beam when you land on it. The Shine appears at the end where you'd expect it, so pick it up.