Super Mario Sunshine/Controls

Basic Controls Edit

Control Action
Control Stick Move Mario / move Yoshi
A Jump / swim
B Body Slam / swim down / pick up / throw / talk
  • The action of B differs depending on the situation - it can also be used to pull items, open doors and more.
C-Stick (left and right) Rotate camera
C-Stick (up and down) Zoom in / zoom out
X Switch nozzle (FLUDD)
Y Fix camera over Mario's shoulder (Mario-Cam)
L Center camera behind Mario
R Use FLUDD - Press lightly to squirt while running, press down fully to stand and aim the spray.
Z Guidebook
Start Pause / menu

Special moves Edit

Control Action
L + Control Stick (left or right) Sidestep
Control Stick + A + A + A Triple Jump
  • While running do a normal jump, then just as you land do another jump, then as you land do a third jump; the last jump will be a somersault.
Control Stick (rotate) + A Spin Jump
  • Rotate stick at least once then jump to perform this move.
A + L Ground Pound
  • In mid-air after jumping, press L to perform this move (also works in mid-air while falling).
A (while against a wall) Wall Kick
  • Jump toward as wall and press A when against it to jump backwards off the wall. Can be done many times in a row.
Control Stick (left or right) + A Side Somersault (sometimes called back-flip)
  • Simply move Mario the opposite direction to where he is facing and immediately press A.
Control Stick + B Slide
Control Stick + B (wet ground) Slip Slide, slide a long way fast.
Control Stick + B + A Front somersault
  • Repeat this to have Mario move a bit faster.

Using FLUDD Edit

Control Action
R while in water fill up FLUDD's tank
X Switch between primary and secondary nozzle
R + Control Stick Aim squirt
Y then R Mario-Cam squirting
R + A Back somersault
R + A while jumping spam spray
spin then R Sprinkler Squirt in a circle
spin then R then press A Sprinkler Spin Jump
L + R + Control Stick (left or right) Sidestep squirt
R while hanging from a rope, then A Super Whirl Jump

Riding Yoshi Edit

Control Action
Control Stick Move
A Jump
B Eat fruit / enemy
X Dismount
R Spit juice (after eating fruit)
A then L Ground pound