Shine Sprite edit

Shine Sprites (also known as Shines) "embody the power of the Sun and provide the energy that sustains Isle Delfino". They are required to unlock events and stages throughout the game.

Gold coin edit

Coins are scattered all over every area of the game. Collect 50 of them for an extra life; collect 100 for to get a Shine. Each coin also recovers one health point.

Blue coin edit

Collect these coins and swap them for shines at the boat house in Delfino Plaza (by the portal to Ricco Harbor). Each blue coin also regains 2 health points.

Red coin edit

Several episodes require you to collect a set of 7-8 red coins, which may be formed into a pattern to make capturing them a pain in the neck, in order to win a Shine. Also, each one recovers 2 health points.

Fruit edit

Fruit are mainly used to feed Yoshi. There are also certain ladies in Delphino Plaza who will reward you with a Blue coin for filling up their fruit basket.

There are six types of fruit.

Turn Yoshi pink and cause him to squirt pink juice.
These aren't hairy and brown as you see in a supermarket, but appear as smooth, light green orbs. They also give Yoshi pink color and juice.
Turn Yoshi and his juice orange.
Opinions vary on what these oblong yellow fruits are intended to be since their name is never used; they have also been called mangos, lemons or pears in various guides. They give Yoshi orange color and juice.
Most people in temperate climates will not be familiar with these, but it's an actual fruit known for its tough, spiky husk and its pungent odor. In the game they appear as light brown orbs and, unlike other fruits in the game, Mario can't pick them up and carry them. They can be moved by kicking or spraying. Durians turn Yoshi and his juice purple.
Chili peppers
These are the last and rarest fruits and they turn Yoshi and his juice purple. As you might expect, some find the taste too hot to handle.

Water barrel edit

Used to clean large amounts of goop and to cool down Chain Chomps.

Water bottles edit

They refill your water tank. Small bottles refill half the tank and large bottles refill the whole tank.

Tool box edit

Holds replacement nozzles for FLUDD. There is a different type for each type of nozzle. Sometimes they appear as holograms and you must find the real one to turn the holograms into real nozzles. The boxes are color-coded:

  • Blue: Hover nozzle
  • Grey: Turbo nozzle
  • Red: Rocket nozzle

FLUDD's water tank is refilled when you pick up a nozzle.

Yoshi eggs edit

Hatch them into Yoshis by feeding them the fruit they want. Yoshi will only hatch with the same fruit that appears in his thought bubble.

1-Up mushrooms edit

Gives Mario an extra life. Also refills his energy meter and tops up FLUDD's tank.