Super Mario Sunshine/Noki Bay

"Steep cliffs and sea beds are what the Nokis call home. The huge waterfall and the three soaring towers resonate with mystic history."

Episode 1: Uncork the Waterfall edit

  • Objective: Defeat the Monty Mole at the top of the waterfall.

Talk to the old Noki at the start and he tells you the water in the bay is polluted; he suspects the cause is a Monty Mole that's put a cork in the waterfall and is shooting blobs of goop down into the water. Now the problem is to scale an obstacle course of a cliff to get to the mole. If you talk to the Noki again he says it would nice if you cleaned up the graffiti while you're at it.

Hop over the floating platforms to the left to reach a giant spiral staircase made of sea shells. Don't fall in the water since it's toxic like the water in Episode 6 of Bianco Hills. At the top of the steps and you'll come to a basket hanging on a rope. Jump onto the basket and then spray water in the cracked vase that's attached to the other end of a pulley. The heavier vase pulls you up to a grassy ledge so jump onto it and follow the arrow until you get to the end.

Spray the pink and yellow graffiti away to create two new ledges. This actually creates a bit of a shortcut since you can now wall kick from the bottom of the cliff to the ledge you're on now. Hop along two more ledges to some spiral shaped graffiti and spray it to create another ledge. Now use it to climb up to the next level. Make your way along these ledges going the other direction to reach a huge puddle of paint. This is coming from the blobs of goop falling from above so watch out that you don't get hit by them. Spray the dolphin graffiti to make a ledge above you. You can use the basket and vase trick to reach this ledge, but you can also get there with a back-flip or wall kick plus hover combination.

Hop over to the next ledge to another pool of goop and a a ramp leading up to the left, also covered with goop. There is whale graffiti here which you can spray to make a ledge, but it isn't particularly useful at the moment. Spray your way up the ramp, dodging the balls of goop rolling down it, and at the top spray the octopus graffiti on the cliff to create a new ledge. Do some wall kicks between this ledge and the wall on the left to get up to the next level; there's no pulley to help you this time.

If you're getting low on water by now then you may want to follow the ledge on the left to a puddle where you can get a refill. In fact you can get up to the next level from here with a bit of acrobatics but there is an easier way. Follow the ledges to right and spray the bird graffiti to make yet another ledge, then hop up to the next and top level.

Go left to meet a Noki, the grandson of the old Noki you met below. He introduces you to a springboard; spray it once to make it small enough to carry, then put it down and it will go back to normal size and you can bounce on it. If you want, move the springboard back from the cliff a little way and bounce on it to a high ledge with a 1-Up, then hover down to the ledge with paint on it below. Or you can just drop down to the ledge below with the puddle of water, place the springboard there are use it to bounce up to the ledge with paint on it.

Clear a bit more of the paint from the ledges here and by this time the mole will have started throwing bombs instead of paint. Fight this guy almost exactly the way you did in Episode 2 of Pinna Park, You have the throw the bombs a bit farther this time. Check around the far side of the ledge for coins if you get low on health.

The cork comes out of the waterfall and a Shine appears right next to you on the ledge when the mole is gone.

Episode 2: The Boss of Tricky Ruins edit

  • Objective: Defeat Gooper Blooper. Yeah, him again!

Talk to the young Noki at the start and he points to his grandfather waiting on the shore at the end of a trail of floating platforms. Hop over the platforms but watch out for the fish that jump between them since they will knock you into the toxic water it they hit you. Talk to the grandfather; he doesn't know why the water is still polluted but he's going to reward you anyway. You see a hole in the side of the cliff and through it a secret chamber where an ancient Noki king is buried. You can open a path to the chamber by spraying paintings on the cliff.

Back up a bit, switch to Mario-cam, and look up to spot a brown square about halfway up the cliff face behind the Noki. Spray it and a maze of groves is created in the cliff, navigating it going sideways or down is easy, but you need wall-kick to go up. There is a time limit since the maze will revert back to a plain cliff face after a while. Get up to the highest part of the maze and head to the right. There is a small ledge where you can go round the corner and then there is another shaft that you can wall kick up.

Hop up to the ledge on the right and defeat the bloopers there. There is another brown square here, so spray it like the one below to create another maze. It's a bit more complicated than the first one, but it's linear so it's more a question of jumping skill than getting lost. When you get to the top of a ramp do some final wall-kicks to get to a high ledge; some bloopers are there including Gooper Blooper from Ricco Harbor.

You should be an expert at beating this guy by now, in fact he doesn't even do the tentacle spinning move from the helipad battle. There are coins in the trees if you run low on health. You don't get the Shine just for winning this time though. When the monster is gone a hole opens up, so drop into it. You'll land in the chamber that the Noki elder mentioned earlier and you can claim your Shine.

Episode 3: Red Coins in a Bottle edit

  • Objective: Hunt the red coins

When you start the episode, the old Noki tells you you need some underwater training to deal with the water pollution in the bay. So he gives you adiving helmet, shrinks you down and puts you into a bottle of water.

As promised, this is basically a training level and you just have to collect eight Red coins to complete it. The underwater controls are similar to normal controls but a bit awkward. Use the hover nozzle to gain height and use the control stick to change direction or move forward or backwards. Don't forget to grab Gold coins every so often so you don't run out of air. Watch out for the Bubbas in the bottle too; if they see you they will drag you toward the bottom of the bottle.

Once you're in the bottle, it's a pretty standard coin hunt. Coin #1 is near the top where you start the level. Coins #2, #3 and #4 are floating around about halfway down. Coin #5 is on the floor near the edge of the bottle, and by a big upward arrow. Here you can see a tall column of Gold coins and Coin #6 is at the top of this column. One way to get it is to start from the bottom and let the jet of water push you up through the column Gold coins until you reach the Red one. This may take a few tries because it's easy to drift out of the stream. Another way is to fly at the column just below the Red coin. Coin #7 is in a little alcove in the middle of a sand castle and Coin #8 is on a little block nearby.

The Shine appears at bottom of the jar. There are exactly 50 Gold coins here so if you want a bit of an extra challenge try to get the 50 coin 1-Up here.

Episode 4: Eely-Mouth's Dentist edit

  • Objective: Clean the eel's teeth.

At the start of the episode the young Noki gives you a diving helmet and points to his grandfather at the top of the cliff. You need to get to the top as in Episode 1 but it's easier this times since there's no goop now and they even give you a rope to reach the first ledge.

Talk to the old Noki again and he tells you that the source of the pollution is an eel with bad teeth at the bottom of the ocean. The waterfall creates a hole in the pollution so you can dive through into an underwater level to find the eel. Just jump off the ledge that looks like a diving board into the falls. If you miss, just swim into the hole where the waterfall meets the ocean. In fact you don't really have to dive at all since if you swim close to the underwater opening it will suck you in.

Now that you're underwater, let yourself sink down; try to get a few coins here and there to keep your air meter topped up. Bubbles of poisonous goop float upwards and you can also get air by popping them, though you lose air if you just touch them. At the bottom you meet the eel and a battle of sorts begins.

Boss fight

This isn't so much a boss battle as boss dentistry, but the boss music plays and it's about as dangerous as a battle. Eely-Mouth opens his mouth to reveal eight teeth covered in black gunk. The easiest way to clean them is to get above one and start using your Hover nozzle, maneuvering to keep the tooth in the flow. You can also use the spray nozzle but since you're giving up movement control it's not really practical. Each time you get one clean you hear a success chime and Eely breaths a sigh of relief. But a partly cleaned tooth will gradually get more and more dirty if left alone, so it's better to concentrate on one tooth at a time when you can.

Eely-mouth also sucks in water through his mouth creating a vortex. This can actually be a helpful balance against the upward movement from the Hover nozzle, but it's not a good idea to get caught in the middle of it. But don't worry too much about being swallowed since Eely-Mouth will just spit you out again.

Every so often Eely-Mouth retreats back into his hole and you can't do any more dental work until he comes back out. So use the down time to grab some coins from the plentiful supply that's scattered around on the sea floor and on small ledges on the surrounding walls. The biggest danger here is running out of air, keep an eye on your air supply and take a break to top it off when you get low. Remember you can also pop the purple bubbles to get air.

It takes quite a few attempts to clean all the teeth but when you finally do, Eely-Mouth rewards you with a heart-shaped string of Gold coins and a Shine which lands at the bottom of the level.

Episode 5: Il Piantissimo's Surf Swim edit

  • Objective: Beat Il Piantissimo to the flag.

Climb the tightrope shortcut left over from the previous episode, and you'll find Il Piantissimo on the upper ledge. You'll have probably met him already in Episode 5 of Gelato Beach, but if not then there's not much risk of you not knowing who he is.

He'll challenge you to another race, this one very easy though. The goal is a flag at the left end of the shore. If you do the obvious thing and run across the ledges to the left, a big boxing glove pops out of the ground and knocks you off. Even assuming that happens it's still an easy race. Your advantage is that Il Piantissimo takes the "Swim" part of the name literally and tries to actually swim the whole way. But since you can make much better time by hovering from platform to platform you should reach the flag in plenty of time even if you fall off the ledge at the start.

Note that if you go back and race Il Piantissimo again, after winning the Shine, he'll be about 10 seconds quicker. But don't beat yourself up over it, as he doesn't give you another Shine for beating him twice.

Episode 6: The Shell's Secret edit

  • Objective: Get to the shell at the top of the bay and complete the obstacle course inside.

This is probably the hardest episode in this area. The first part involves just getting to the secret obstacle course level. It's in a shell in one of the highest place in the bay. There are quite a few ways to reach it though. We'll start with the route that involves the least amount of hovering and then cover various shortcuts. There are still more alternatives which you can explore for yourself if you want. We'll label the stopping points in order to have something to refer to when describing the shortcuts.

Go up the staircase (A) as in the start of Episode 1 and talk to the young Noki there. He says something about using ropes to get around. Follow the rope starting from his step to another staircase (B). There is a second rope above it, so either bounce on the first rope or do a back-flip from the top step to reach it.

Follow this rope to a third staircase (C), go up one step and follow another rope to the left to a staircase (D) above the one with the young Noki. There is a spiral ramp above it but you can ignore it for now; you would only use it to reach the 100 coins Shine.

Go up two steps and follow the rope to the end, then bounce to reach a ledge (E) just under the shell we're trying to get to. There is another rope here; bounce on it to get to the rope above and this leads right to the shell.

Shortcut #1: Follow the floating platforms toward the shore and you'll notice on that's got a wicker top. It acts like a very bouncy trampoline and if you jump on it you will bounce up high enough to hover to platform (B).

Shortcut #2: On the rope leading to staircase (C), bounce near the end to the next rope up, and bounce again to reach a higher ledge. The rope here connects to ledge (E) and you can bounce from it to the rope connected to the shell.

Shortcut #3: Go up the cliff face as in Episode 1, but stop on the ledge where you'd take the second pulley lift. Look away from the cliff to see a spiral staircase made of sea shells and hover out to the lowest step. This is the bottom of staircase (D).

You start the obstacle course inside a glass box. Wall kick out of it but make sure you don't overdo the last jump and end up flying over the edge. Hop onto a revolving green plank, then to the spinning platform next to it, timing your jump so the platform is more or less flat when you land on it. Hop from there to a red ledge. Ground pound the far nail on the right three times for a 1-Up.

Now comes the first in a series of fancy wall kick maneuvers. This one is like one you did in Dirty Lake secret in Bianco Hills, but this time you have to land on a platform above you. So screw up your nerve, aim at about a 45 degree angle toward the wall on the right, then jump and wall kick up to the ledge. The ledge is sliding in and out so time your jump to land when the ledge is out to get the biggest margin for error. You can also do a triple jump to jump to that first platform, but the timing is harder.

Make your way across the 3 of these platforms and on to the other side. Next, climb to the top of the wooden pole and jump off onto the ledge, then bounce on the rope to reach the ledge above it. Another way to reach this ledge is to wall kick between the narrow wooden beam and the red wall, but this is very tricky. Now back-flip or a second angled wall kick to onto to the step above.

Now the wall kicks get a bit more complicated since you do two bounces at an angle. Aim at an angle a bit to the left of the corner, jump and wall kick twice to land on the ledge above. For this one you can also to a back-flip into the wall and wall kick just once to the ledge. From this ledge do another double wall kick to get the top of the structure. Or, jump onto the nail and from it do a backflip to the plank above.

Next up is a pair of spinning wooden beams, which you will have encountered before. The second one spins very fast so you have to run at an angle to compensate. When you reach safety, pound in the nail on the right for a 1-Up.

You now come to a revolving platform with 3 planks above it. From the platform, do back-flip jumps up to each plank, but take the spinning into account and back-flip at an angle. From the top plank, jump over to the stationary platform and you then come to one final spinning beam. It's a quick one, so run carefully across it and make your final jump to Shine waiting for you on the platform.

Episode 7: Hold It, Shadow Mario! edit

  • Objective: Catch Shadow Mario.

It's another Shadow Mario chase. Shadow Mario keeps scaling the same cliff you did in Episode 1 to get away, so you'll need to do the same thing. You can usually get a few good shots at him near the top, but then dives all the way back down to the bottom again. You can then get a few more good shots at him until he starts to climb again. By now you should be pretty expert at the kind of jumps and wall kicks to need to do to catch up to him, so this shouldn't take too long.

Episode 8: The Red Coin Fish edit

  • Objective: Red coin hunt

Talk to the young Noki at the start and he introduces you to his wife and kid who have returned from hiding thanks to you. Enter the Noki's underwater kingdom the same way as in Episode 4.

The red coins are not scattered about like usual; they are bunched together, along with several regular coins in the shape of a fish which swims around the level. But the coins occasionally scatter themselves around and then reassemble themselves into a fish again after a while.

Let yourself sink down to near the top of the sunken city and you'll see the coin. Just use FLUDD to follow it and keep passing through it when you can. Grabbing the first few coins will be easy, but when there are only 1 or 2 left it can be very tricky to get them. If you grab too many of the Gold coins with the Red then there won't be enough fish left to find it easily, so try when possible to get the Red coins without too many of the Gold ones. When the fish breaks apart you might try chasing a Red coin, but they move very fast on their own so there isn't much chance that you'll catch it. So instead, grab some coins from the walls or the sea bottom to keep your air topped up. The biggest danger is getting so engrossed in chasing the fish that you forget about your air supply.

When you get all eight red coins the Shine appears at the sea floor.

100 coins Shine edit

One way to get this is to simply enter the Noki kingdom in Episode 8 and collect the coins there. There are coins on top of columns and on the walls as well as the fish, and the total just within the area is over 100. But of course it doesn't hurt to find a few coins outside first.

But it's probably easier, just because coins are more plentiful, to get the Shine during episode 6. The problem with getting the coin outside is that the Shine appears on top of a high tower almost as hard to reach as the shell.

  • Trail of coins on the surface of the water, save these for last so you can replenish your health if you need to. (50 coins)
  • Boxes at the boathouse (7 coins)
  • Trail of coins under water starting at the base of the waterfall. (10 coins)
  • Press the button near the top of the falls, then collect coins from the surface of the water. (20 coins)
  • Scale the ledges on the far right side of the area to get the Rocket nozzle, the rocket to get a stack of coins. (9 coins)
  • Repeat the path you took in episode 2 collecting coins from cubbyholes, trees and pots. (16 coins)
  • Network of tunnels on left side of cliff. See Secret Shine #1 for where to start and the blue coins page for details on these tunnels. (65 coins)

To get the Shine, follow Shortcut #3 given in Episode 6 above and follow the spiral ramp to the top. Cross the rope there and bounce to the top of the tower.

Secret Shine #1 edit

This Shine appears in every episode except for 3 where you're trapped in a bottle the whole time. It's best to do it after episode 4 though since there's no toxic water. Go to the area on the left side of the beach where the finish line for Il Piantissimo's race was; it's a sandy area with puddles on the right. Just behind it is a crevice in the wall which looks prefect for wall jumping, but it's not used for any of the regular Shines. In fact there's a whole complex network of interconnected tunnels here, but all you get inside it are Blue and Gold coins.

Stand at the back of the crevice and start wall kicking up to a doorway on the left. Go through and follow the tunnel down to a ledge carved into the face of the cliff at the edge of the shore. Hop up to the large hole in the center and step in to be bounced up to the top of the cliff, a ledge you can't reach any other way. There is a Yellow parrot flying around here, so start spraying it and it turns into a Shine.

Secret Shine #2 edit

Objective: Collect 8 Red coins in the Shell's secret area in less than 1:30.

Start Episode 6 and enter the secret area for a replay. The red button is on the red ledge, remember the 1-Up under the nail here. Press the button to start the timer, you get 1:30 to collect the coins.

Coin #1 is above the button; just do a back-flip and hover through it. Now do an angled wall kick to get up to the sliding ledge on the left, but you can give yourself a hover boost this time. Hop over to the next ledge, the one that's not moving, and do an back-flip from it up to Coin #2. Climbing the pole will eat up precious seconds, and there's a quicker way up to the next ledge. Do a back-flip into the wall and wall kick off to get high off the ground, then hover backwards to land on the ledge. Coin #3 is high above this ledge, so do another back-flip into the wall plus wall kick maneuver to reach it. Hop onto the rope, then bounce and hover to the next ledge. Coin #4 is at the top of the steep ramp with the arrows on it, and you need need to take a bit of a detour to reach it. Hover directly from it to the ledge with the glass behind it. Do a wall kick from there to grab coin #5 and land on the ledge above. Now do a back-flip to get Coin #6 and hover to the top. Coin #7 is here but a simple back-flip will get it. Cross the spinning beam and do another back-flip on the platform at the other end to collect coin #8

The Shine appears at the far end of the second spinning beam.