Online OsiriX Documentation

OsiriX is an open source program written by Antoine Rosset, M.D., which turns an Apple Macintosh into a DICOM PACS workstation for medical imaging and image processing.

OsiriX is distributed under the GNU General Public License and its source code is available to anyone.

Note: This documentation is pertinent to OsiriX version 2.7.5, but this documentation is rather dated and does not pertain to the latest version (3.8.1) of OsiriX. For the latest version see and

  1. About OsiriX
  2. OsiriX Specifications
  3. OsiriX System Requirements
  4. Downloading and Installing OsiriX
  5. FAQ

OsiriX HOW TOs

  1. Importing DICOM images into OsiriX and Viewing DICOM headers
  2. Customizing OsiriX windows
  3. Opening multiple series simultaneously
  4. Viewing multiple series simultaneously
  5. Managing your local OsiriX database
  6. Making fusion images
  7. Opening non-DICOM images and movies
  8. Exporting DICOM images
  9. Using the 4-D viewer
  10. Multi-planar reconstruction (MPR)
  11. 3-D reconstructions
  12. Volume Rendering Settings
  13. Using OsiriX as a PACS workstation
  14. Using 2-D thick slabs
  15. Navigational shortcuts
  16. Making OsiriX run faster
  17. Using OsiriX Plugins
  18. Forwarding a Crash Report to the Developers
  19. Opening Mac-Unfriendly CDs with OsiriX
  20. Extract a 3D volume from a series
  21. Working with Curved-MPR
  22. How to Increase Thick Slab
  23. How to Generate DSA Images
  24. DICOM Print

OsiriX Menu Reference

  1. OsiriX
  2. File
  3. Edit
  4. Format
  5. 2D Viewer
  6. 3D Viewer
  7. ROI
  8. Plugins
  9. Window
  10. Help

OsiriX Developer Information

  1. OsiriX Developer Overview
  2. OsiriX Anonymous and Developer SVN access
  3. Building OsiriX

Setting an Osirix Based workflow

I would like to assemble information and opinions for integrating Osirix into the IMAGING Department of a Hospital. I set up a group at yahoo to start compiling info and ideas. Please tell me if this is the correct place to put this information. So I WIll write here several of my questions/conclusions, and I will integrate into the wiki so that similar projects can view and improve recommendations.

Yahoo OsiriX group

Proposed setup -First workstation, a Mac Pro 8 core, 16 GB ram(*A), 2x500 GB Hard Drive (*B) Graphics to drive 2 monitors(*C). 2 Optical drives.

-Second workstation, a Mac pro X? core, 8 GB ram(*A), 2x500 GB, Graphics 2, Monitors 2x30" 4Mp Color.

-A dedicated 1Gb Ethernet switch for Imaging dept, 2 ports each mac por (in tandem) conected to all other Imaging equipment apart from the rest of the hospital, and a router to hospital network.

-A filmless printing solution for non diagnostic printing of images and reports. (*C)


  1. CPU
  2. Storage
  3. Displays
  4. Network (HW)
  5. Printing
  6. Burning CD or DVDs
  7. Alternative solutions
  8. Additional tools
  9. Help with IT, costs