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About OsiriXEdit

This selection brings up a splash screen showing which version of Osirix you are currently using. It also includes a button linking back to the main OsiriX website.

Splash screen for version 1.5B2 of OsiriX

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This selection currently has 8 separate subpanels:

OsiriX General PreferencesEdit

OsiriX Viewers PreferencesEdit

OsiriX CD/DVD PreferencesEdit

OsiriX Database PreferencesEdit

OsiriX Listener PreferencesEdit

OsiriX Locations PreferencesEdit

OsiriX Routing PreferencesEdit

OsiriX Protocols PreferencesEdit

Check for UpdatesEdit

This selection will compare your current version of OsiriX against the latest version at OsiriX World Headquarters. If you have the most current version, you will see:


Otherwise, you will get a message telling you of a new version, with swell new features.

Hide OsiriX (command-H)Edit

This selection causes OsiriX to hide. It will continue to run, but will be hidden from sight on your screen.

Hide OthersEdit

This selection causes other open applications to hide. They continue to run, but are hidden from sight on your screen.

Quit OsiriX (command-Q)Edit

This selection causes OsiriX to shut down.

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