Online OsiriX Documentation/Displays

C1: Two color 30; monitors 4Mpixels, or one color 30" and one BW 5MpixelsEdit

5 Mpixel Dicom certified option planar

C2: Resolution; 4Mpixel color@ 30" (2560x1600) , vs 5Mpixel color@ 24" (2560x1920),Edit

      (all other things being equal), isn't it better to have 4Mpixles @ 30", less than 1/2 price?
     -same horizontal resolution with no scaling, only 300 less pixel rows, i would just scroll down, 
     -a 4MP 2048x2048 would be scaling the image

C3: Is the expensive card from apple worth the difference for Osirix?Edit

C4: Are apple the best Image/color/contrast option today @30" 4Mpixels?Edit