Online OsiriX Documentation/Working with Curved-MPR

""Creating a curved-MPR""

Open a series from the database window.

Use the slider bar and move to axial image you want to make your curved-MPR from File:1-curvedmpr.jpg

Select the Open Polygon (F12) or the Pencil (F14) ROI tool from the ROI menu bar File:2-curvedmpr.jpg

Place your curve with the tool, these should align to the curve cut you want

Select the 2-D Curved MPR option from the 2D-3D menu

A box will appear asking you if you want to produce a thick slab and at what thickness, you can also choose to produce a cross sectional series at this time. Select the options you want and press the Ok button.

Another window will appear with your curved MPR cut. You have now made your curved MPR. (note: a second window will appear if you choose to a do a cross sectional cut as well) File:6-curvedmpr.jpg