1) Which light Windows compatible DICOM Viewer should I burn on DICOM CDs? Try K-PACS, available here: http://www.k-pacs.net/ The easiest way to get all required files is to install K-PACS on a Windows Computer, import a DICOM file into the local database (FILESYSTEM tabulator), select this newly imported study and click "EXPORT". Select "Burn on CD" and then "create CD project". Place all ".dll" ("dicomdll.dll", "iq.dll", "dcmtk.dll") and ".exe" ("K-PACS-Lite.exe") files of the CD project's folder in the root directory of your OSIRIX patient CD.

2) Why I cannot open a 2,000 images series with my 8-GB MacPro? The base version of OsiriX is a 32-bit application that can address only 4-GB. Buy the 64-bit extension and you will be able to use all the ram you want.O

3) I can Query a DICOM node, but I cannot Retrieve. Why? To Query a DICOM node, you have to add his parameters in the Locations View of the Preferences. But to Query & Retrieve a DICOM node, you also have to add the parameters of your OsiriX DICOM workstation on the DICOM nodes list of the PACS (AETitle, IP Address and Port Number). Contact the PACS IT manager to add these parameters. These parameters can be found in the Listener View of the Preferences. Warning: port 104 requires root access on MacOS: you cannot receive communications on this port. You should prefer port 11112 (ftp://medical.nema.org/medical/dicom/final/cp603_ft.pdf). Be sure that you didn't activate the Firewall on your Mac: go to System Preferences / Sharing / Firewall, and Stop it if it was activated. Each AETitle should be unique, if not, Query & Retrieve can fail (C-Move SCU/SCP).

4) I'm searching an open-source PACS Server software that runs on Mac hardware. What do you recommend?Try DCM4CHEE (http://www.dcm4che.org/). For a step-by-step installation, visit: http://www.osirix-viewer.com/PACS.html

5) I cannot retrieve Images via VPN 2Mbit SDSL. The errormessage is "MoveFailed: RefusedOutOfResourcesSubOerations". Firewalls are turned off. Parameters in preferences are correct. What is wrong? Check that you are not using a port below 4000. Recommend 4444, 4096 or 11112. Check that your computer (AETitle, address and port) is correctly saved in the PACS server. It requires a FIXED IP.

6) When I insert a DICOM CD, I can see the images, but when I eject the CD the images disappear. How can I put and save the images in the database? You can automatically copy the images in the database when inserting a DICOM CD. Go to the Preferences - Database, and select 'Copy files to OsiriX Data if', and select 'Ask the user'.

7) How to repair a corrupted Database.sql file? Open the Terminal application and enter 'sqlite3 Database.sql .dump | sqlite3 DatabaseRepaired.sql'. And replace the corrupted database with the new file.