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Verb FormsEdit

Name the verb forms for the subject and infinitive specified. (1 point each)

je parle I speak tu parles you speak il/elle/on parle he/she/we speak nous parlons we speaks vous parlez you speak ils/elles parlent they speak

je finis tu finis il/elle finit nous finissons vous finisez ils/elles finissent


English to FrenchEdit

Translate the following phrases and sentences into French. (2 points each)

1. Je mange une pomme. I eat an apple

2. Elle se lave. She do washing

3. Ils font du ski. (Ils skiient) They are doing sking.

4. La maison est pleine de vie. The house is full of life

5. Le chien saute sur son propriétaire.The dog jump on his owner.

French to EnglishEdit

Translate these dialogues into English. (14 points total)

Silvia: Good morning Joel, I hope you're doing well.

Joel: Yes, of course. And you? How are you doing?

Silvia: More or less well. Well, what did you eat for dinner yesterday evening?

Joel: I ate spaghetti and meatballs.

Silvia: How was it?

Joel: It was truly excellent and delicious. And you, what did you eat yesterday?

Silvia: Oh, just a salad. It was fairly boring.

Joel: A shame. Well, I have to go to work. 'Til later!

Silvia: Yes, goodbye!

Reading ComprehensionEdit

Fill in the BlankEdit

Fill in the blanks in these conversations. Note: Every blank is one word. (1 point each) ete le l' je m'appelle




Match the French words with their English definitions. (1 point each)