French/Lessons/Level one


People and things · Les gens et les choses
Grammar · Gender of nouns, definite and indefinite articles, liaison
Vocabulary · People, expressions
To be · Être
Grammar · Subject pronouns, introduction to verbs, être, de , à
Vocabulary · Places, expressing agreement, jobs , nationalities , countries
Description · La description
Grammar · Adjectives, demonstrative adjectives
Vocabulary · Adverbs expressing degree, common adjectives, colors
Family · La famille
Grammar · Avoir, possession, possessive adjectives , questions
Vocabulary · Immediate family, extended family , numbers
Recreation · Récréation
Grammar · -er verbs, le, la, and les, lui and leur
Vocabulary · Places, sports, games, instruments
The house · La maison
Grammar · Habiter, faire, me, te, nous, and vous
Vocabulary · Streets and houses, housework, rooms and furniture
Weather · Le temps
Grammar · Negation, aller, à
Vocabulary · Common weather, rain and snow
Travel · Les voyages
Grammar · -ir verbs, prendre, de , possessive adjectives
Vocabulary · Traveling, directions
Art · L'art
Grammar · Regular -re verbs, beau, nouveau, and vieux
Vocabulary · Museums, music, plays
Science · La science
Grammar · Questions, conjunctions, lui and leur
Vocabulary · Science, astronomy, scientists , elements
Review · Exercises · Test