This list contains a list of common words in French with their English meanings.

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Sl No French word English meaning M/F Remarks Verb example(Present)
1 la saleté dirt F
2 l'été summer M
3 aimer to like (or to love when talking about people) - 1st group verb J'aime (I like)
4 facile easy MF
5 les nombres numbers M
6 dire to say - 3rd group verb Je dis (I say)
7 l'école school F
8 jeter to throw - special 1st group verb[1] Je jette (I throw)
9 bonjour Good morning M
10 bonne nuit Good night F
11 avoir to have - 3rd group verb J'ai (I have)
12 boire to drink - 3rd group verb Je bois (I drink)
13 voilà here -
14 jouer to play - 1st group verb Je joue (I play)
15 le magasin shop M
16 être to be - 3rd group verb Je suis (I am)
17 les yeux the eyes M
18 l'île the island F
19 ouvrir to open - 3rd group verb J'ouvre (I open)
20 finir to finish - 2nd group verb Je finis (I finish)
21 la règle rule, ruler F
22 la maison house F
23 entre between -
24 jeune young MF
25 l'horloge clock F
26 la tête head F
  1. the letter "t" can be doubled in certain conjugations