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Meta edit

Playing Dark and Light edit

Game Concepts edit

Travel edit

  • Bind points: When you locate a place you'd like to use as a bind point, type the command: /bind. At any point later, from anyplace in the world, you can type the command /gate which will teleport you exactly to where you were when you typed /bind. (You can only have one bind point stored.)
  • Riding on your mount/pet: To ride on the mount, first mount it by either double-clicking on it, or right-clicking and choose "monter" (Or whatever the option is for your language)
  • Crossroads System: Simply mount your favorate land mount and be on or near one of the roads anywhere in Ganareth. Find a Crossroads icon (white squares at the intersection of 2 roadways) and click once while the icon turns to the yellow running man. A dialog will be presented showing 'Path 0: 54.34km' which you can then hit GO and if your in position to the road your mount will begin to automatically travel the roadways until the destination is reached. Panning the camera around will show you a huge red crystal beacon with the ETA Time and Distance to destination. There appear to be several flaws in the system and it also appears you've had to have traveled or uncovered the roadway to make it work efficiently. Submitted By: --Xanth 22:22, 9 January 2006 (UTC)

  • Flying on your dragon: To fly on the dragon, first mount it by either double-clicking on it, or right-clicking and choose "monter" (Or whatever the option is for your language). Once you are on board, you can press either Back or Forward, and then press 0 on your number pad, and you'll soar through the air. The movement keys function as any standard, inverted flight control, Forward is down, Back is up. Use page up to fly forward faster, and page down to fly slower or hover. To land, just hold Forward until you land. It is possible to fly with two people, so you can enjoy a dragon of a friend.
  • Mana Towers: You can use a Mana Towers to instantly teleport to any mana tower that it is connected to.
  • Flying on your Delta Wing(hang glider): To fly on the hang glider, first run towards a cliff or steep decline and hold 0 on the numpad. Once you reach the end of the hill you will deploy it and glide. You must use W and S or whatever setup you have in order to stay gliding. In order to land press and hold the numpad 0 when close to land and moving slow and you will land. The other landing is by simply flying directly into the ground effectively crashing. Keep in mind that crashing can cause the destruction of your hang glider as well as taking damage to your hp and possibly death.
  • Sky Diving: Once you take flight on one of your flying mounts, you can fly up as high as you wish. Then simple click the mount to jump off. While in flight you can control your speed of decent by using the forward (w) and back (s) keys. You can also turn left (a) and right (d). While in freefall, you can also perform stunts like flips and rolls by holding down the spacebar while hitting any of the directional keys (wasd). Of course you can at any time deploy your parachute by using the 0 key on your keypad. You may also recall the parachute by pressing the 0 key again. You can pack and unpack it in flight as often as you like (at least at this point in the game).
  • Balloon: Travel by balloon is very quick, and balloons travel to many major and minor destinations. In CIDD you can take a balloon to islands off the coast of the starter island, or to places like Al-Drifia. From CIDD the balloons are organized in a circle, they travel out from this circle like spokes, each in a different direction. to use a balloon get close to it, and type /usetransport.

Fighting Experience edit

You gain Fighting Experience Points (FxP) from fighting and killing enemies. You can gain this from killing mobs in PvE or by killing other players in PvP. The higher the enemies FxP level is in relation to yours the more experience you will gain. There is a experience cap for each level. This is to prevent low-level players from getting massive amounts of experience. For example, a level 14 player that manages to solo-kill a level 30 mob will not receive as much experience as a level 30 player killing the same mob.

Social Experience edit

As of 0.88.92, the Social Experience System is not yet in the game.

Explorer Experience edit

You can explore but there is no skill inplemented yet and its doesnt give you xp points. The more you explore the more of the fog of war you remove from the game.

Politics edit

As of 0.88.92, the Social Experience System, which is required for Politcs to begin, is not yet in the game.

Religion edit

As of 0.88.92, the Gods hold no power over the world of Ganareth other than preventing PvP fights in the Kingdom of al'Drifa.

Character Information edit

Races edit

Dark and Light has numerous races that you can select for your characters. Each one has certain benefits and limitations, and some races work better with certain classes, and vice versa. Click here for an overview.

Classes edit

Click here for an overview of the different classes available in Settlers of Ganareth

Stats edit

Each Character is defined by Class, Race and seven Stats that govern the characters abilities in different aspects of the game. You can find a complete overview of this on the Stats page.

Skills edit

Skills are the flesh and bone of your SoG character. they are awarded based on your characters Class (and level). See the different Class descriptions for Skill listings or go here for an overview.

Fighting edit

Right click a target to bring up options. The only option for melee currently is attack. You can use a skill to start fighting such as Hell Bashing or hit Q to start a melee fight. Your target must be directly in front of your character. Unoptimized graphics on hills sometimes render the target wrong. In this case you will get a message telling you that you are too far away. It is best to guess at this point, but the target name has a meters-to-object number in the corner. You must be closer than 5 meters for most weapons to hit in melee combat.

To initiate ranged attacks for those that have the ability you can press "E" when you are within max range of the target for the skill and you will use your ranged attack.

Spells edit

There are three types of spells to use while in combat: area effect, direct target and shockwave effect. Briefly, the first set will affect a whole area at once, the direct target spells damage only the enemy target, while the shockwave will have a rolling effect... going outwards to the enemies.

With the area effect, this will only impact your opponent(s). Once cast, even if you are in a group of allies and enemies, only your enemies will feel any effects. It is impossible to fight your allies in any case, if you are away from the arenas in which no death is possible.

As for the shockwave spells, when cast in a group of allies and opponents it is felt by all. These spells will in essence throw everyone around, and possibly knock some off their feet in the same fashion as the giant golem’s steps or the dragon’s shaving flight.

The direct target spells require an enemy target to hit and are comparable to the traditional fireball spells. The spell is launched at the enemy and does a certain amount of damage and/or other effects.

Pets edit

1. Different Types of Pets

Pets are an important part of your survival in Ganareth. Actually there are different ways to get a pet:

1.1. Pioneer-Dragons, related to citizen-skills and to have received a pioneer-account.

1.2. Summoned pets, these are related to the basical citizen-skills.

Depending on the skills you gained yet, you are able to summon a dodo, a rancho, a griffon and at least a dragon.

1.3. Pets related to professional skills.

Pets of different types you can "call" by using profession-related skills.

1.4. Hired pets

You may use the /pethire command to tame pets of the wilderness. You can only hire pets with a level below yours, almost that are yellow marked creatures. While you can try to /pethire orange-marked creatures, you will probably receive a message that "this pet is owned yet by someone else", which means you must first find and kill the leader of the pack before you may tame. To hire a pet does cost an amount of goth, depending on their and your level. Exact amounts are to figure yet.

Crafting edit

Currently the crafting system is not implemented within this release of SoG. When Dark and Light is released it will contain the following Trade skills:

armorsmithing, weaponsmithing, tailoring, tanning, cooking, brewing, spice trading, butchering, glassworking, pottery, paper-making, weaving, jewelcraft, engineering, alchemy, fletching/bowcraft.

Unlike other MMORPGs the crafting system in DnL is complex with many factors playing a part in the final quality of the item. In addition to materials used and the skill of the player factors such as time, amount of heat used, weather conditions, geological placement, and astronomical alignment will all play a part in the quality of the final outcome. The base chance for producing a full quality item is 15%. This chance can be greatly increased by the player taking into account the other factors in the creation process. So while you may have a 15% chance of creating a full quality Frost Hammer anywhere you stand a much better chance of getting a better quality if you craft it during the winter as a snow storm rages.

Items edit

You can gain items as you travel through the game. You can loot these items from mobs you killed, or you can buy or trade them with other players and NPCs.

Note about item requirements: If you are wearing items you no longer meet the requirements for (in cases, the majority of your gear could be worn by Citizens but not by Healers), and you equip something else or double-click on your belt, you will un-equip everything you don't meet the reqs for. If you don't have enough bag slots, they'll drop on the ground.

Weapons edit

There are many different types of weapons in Ganarath, from swords to crossbows to maces and shields. Each weapon has a damage range and modifiers, as well as a set of classes that can equip it. Keep in mind that once you are a hunter you are no longer a citizen, and once you are a ranger you are no longer a hunter, etc. If you promote you will no longer be able to use old weapons that are not usable by your new class if you un-equip them. To equip a weapon double click on it or hit "i" and switch it with your paperdoll. Weapons can also modify hit chance, armor penetration, and other attributes. Highlight the weapon to find all its important statistics.

Armor edit

Containers edit

There are bags of all sizes with different names. The best to obtain is the Grand bag.

Note: Do not under any cicumstances move a bag you have looted directly to the bag icon in the lower left corner of your screen! Always open the bag showing its individual squares before you move another bag. Failure to open a bag before putting another bag inside it will at this time bug your character. You will not be able to play the character, and a server reset will not fix it.

Trade Goods edit

Ganareth Information edit

Mana Towers edit

This Article explains what Mana Towers are, how they work, how to use them and what benefits they give

Cities edit

  • Al Drifa - A huge neutral city located in the central mainland of Ganareth. Although it is currently uninhabited, it is expected to become populated by players and crafters sometime in future during the Settlers of Ganareth period.
  • Cidd - A bustling city in the center of the Dark kingdom, it contains several vendors to purchase items such as Fortress deeds, weapons, potions, sporting gear, etc. Located near the lake in the center of the beginers' island in Malin-aOmardil.

Kingdoms edit

Information on the 12 Kingdoms in the world of Ganareth.

Regions edit

Information on the many different Regions of the Kingdoms in the world of Ganareth.

Maps edit

The maps page contains the latest images detailing the geographic world of Ganareth.

NPCs edit

To interact with an NPC simply second click on him and a menue will come up with all the options available. Talk with ________ is usually the first option. You can click on it and most times the NPC will tell you to go away, but as is the case with quest NPC's, further options will develop when you second click on them. To choose your response first click on the popup option you wish to pursue.

Quests edit

Quest mobs appear with a yellow exclamation point above their head much as in World of Warcraft. There were only a couple quests in game at release, one being given by a man in the little huts you start in. It was not working fully and has been in and out depending on the patch. Basically you gave him a letter, he explained to you that you must grow and learn to survive in the world of Ganarath if you want to push back the dragoon, and that fighting is only part of it, and he was supposed to give you a backpack with supplies. In actuality at release you started with the backpack on you already. He then prompted you to fight some wolves which were hard finding, but their location can be found on several sites hosting dark and light maps.

You can track your quest status by looking through your quest tracker. Access this by clicking on the Dark and Light symbol in the lower left hand corner where all your menues and the shortcut keys to them can be found.

Walkthroughs edit

Hunting Tactics edit

  • Disbanding Packs: (as of 01-01-06) If you only attack, kill AND loot (so the corpse disappears) the highest lvl mob in the pack, the pack will disband and de-aggro. you will be able to rest and pull the remaining mobs one by one.
  • High QUI: (as of 01-01-06) this is also referred to as the "QUI Exploit", because most players consider it a glitch in the game mechanics and assume it will be changed in the future: a QUI stat of 80-100 will allow you to evade almost any non-skill attacks of mobs up to lvl 40. you are even able to rest and regenerate in melee without being hit. helps a lot while leveling solo.

Battle Tactics edit

  • Use a flying mount to get close to your enemies. You and your mount are not attackable while in midair, use that to your advantage (a Dragon can also be used to hover nearby enemies and have a chat w/o being attackable). Remember you can also use any mount and/or the hangglider for a quick getaway when things dont work out the way you planned.
  • Do not forget you can use your Radar to target enemies (you need to check "Enemies" and "Lvl Fxp" to get clickies in your radar HUD). since 07-01-06, stealthed characters disappear from radar.
  • Use the EnableStickFighting Gamekey to autofollow and -face your Melee targets. Remember that some melee attack skills cancel your basic melee mode.
  • When attacking occupied or unsuspecting victims, consider killing their (flying) mounts first. Archers Snipe Assasinate shot is very handy for oneshotting Pioneer Dragons.
  • When facing a Fighter, make sure they do not get close enough to you to use Melee attacks. For all besides Archers, the maximum skill attack range is 40m. A Warrior with high CON or stamina boost potions can keep one target in a permanent stun loop, so if a Fighter comes too close, pray that you get the first melee stun in and either kill them with a perma-stun loop right away or mount and gtfo.
  • When facing a Hunter, the best way to fight them as a Mage is to airdrop in at 10-30m distance and root them. This is the stun-free zone between their Melee attack range and their minimum ranged attack skill distance. From this distance, they will be reduced to basic ranged attacks and (interruptible) trap drops. Use the CancelIncantation Gamekey to try and squeeze in damage casts between their (interrupting) basic shots.
  • When facing a Mage, first try to not get rooted or silenced. do this by either keeping them at range, silencing or stunning them or mounting while they are in the progress of casting the root (the root will still stick, but you will be mounted at that time and your pet is free to move. once you dismount, you will be rooted and unable to remount, so you might want to either dismount at a range that fits your needs or ride circles for a minute and have a little chat with your opponent). Never stop to attack them with basic attacks. Provided a fast weapon and sufficient DEX, you can keep them from casting. Depending on your class and the situation, the 1.3s haste of a Basic Bow or a Range Spirit crossbows 75m range are your best friends...
  • When facing a Healer, bring time and stamina/heal potions. Unless you can perma-stun, the healer will insta-heal every 4 seconds until his mana runs out. Best tactic is to save your stuns until the Healer is at medium low health but still confident he will be able to insta heal.

To find extended information on how to most effectively level your character, see the Classes page, and locate your character's archetype.

Political Tactics edit

Crafting Tactics edit

Trading Tactics edit

Arbitrage edit

Links edit

Official Sites edit

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Guild list edit

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