Dark and Light/Mana Towers

Mana TowersEdit

This Article explains what Mana Towers are, how they work, how to use them and what benefits they give

General InfoEdit

Each political region in Ganareth has a Mana Tower. There are Barony Towers, County Towers, Duchy Towers and Kingdom Towers. (yes, I finally found the Agnars Kingdom Mana Tower)

When you have discovered a Mana Tower and you open your map (press M), you will be able to access an interface (right-click the name next to the mana tower symbol, you might need to scroll out a bit) that gives you information about the political status of that region, like the name of its current owner and the number of forts each faction has built.

Besides this helpful information, Mana Towers provide two more functions when they are fueled: Teleportation and Mana Regeneration

Reloading the TowersEdit

Every 30(?) minutes, a Tower will open for reloading. This happens in two phases, each will be announced with a beam of light and a text message to everyone in its vicinity (at least County wide). The first phase will broadcast that "Mana Tower reloading will start in a few minutes" and the tower will shoot up a silver beam of light. Also the towers icon on the map/radar will change to one with a small box next to the tower symbol. The main phase is then announced with "Mana Tower reloading starts now" and a golden beam of light. Again the icon changes, this time it turns to a dark orange/brown color.

When close to a "golden" Mana Tower, players can open the "Put Resource" interface by right clicking the tower. Mana Towers need to be fueled with Wood and Dark/Light Crystals. One player can put in 12 resources at a time via the "Put Resource" interface. Putting the resources in takes some time (think looting corpses, but a bit longer) and the player can be interrupted by attacks. When uninterrupted, a single player can do about 6 turns of refueling during one golden phase.

A Mana Tower can be filled with up to 100 Wood and -possibly- 100 Crystals of each flavour, although it may be only 100 Crystals in total.

A Barony Tower will burn 5 Wood and 5 Crystals between 2 "golden" phases, i assume higher level towers will burn more but server instability has prevented me from testing this thoroughly.

I am not sure about the fuel consumption of Towers in Baronies that are of Dark or Light alignment (as opposed to NPC alignment)


When fueled by one Faction, Mana Towers allow teleportation to adjacent fueled towers of the same faction and the same or lower hierarchy level. Teleportation is free for Pioneers, but for Settlers it costs 100 goth at a Barony Tower, 1000 goth at a County Tower and i assume 10k goth from a Duchy Tower, although I didn't have enough cash on me to test that this time.

I am also not certain if same-level teleportation works on County and higher levels, and if there are any prerequisites for that like "all Barony Towers need to be fueled" or such. I am also not sure if teleportation is only available to the Faction that has the higher amount of Crystals in the tower or to both Factions if they have put in Crystals. The first would make more sense in terms of game mechanics, but this needs testing.

Mana RegenerationEdit

When fueled, a Mana Tower will flood the surrounding lands with Mana. Players within the area of this effect (you can check this with your "World Info" window) will regenerate Mana Points at approximately the same rate as they regenerate Stamina Points. For every one Wood & Crystal in a Mana Tower, it will saturate an area of about 200m radius around it. So a fully fueled tower should provide Mana to everyone in 20 km around it.

Again I am not sure how concurring Crystals of both Factions will influence this.