Dark and Light/Skills

Skills in GeneralEdit

This location has important information on skills: http://forum.mmosite.com/topics/43/200512/15/451,1.html?time=1135213433

FXP Skills can be unlocked by distributing FXP Skill Points into the various skill lists available to a character according to his/her class. Upon each FXP Level gain, the character is awarded 2 FXP Skill Points and given the chance to reassign a total of 5 points already spent.

Note: as of 0.88.81 it is possible to unlearn a complete skill line, thus not loosing any points on lines no longer needed (e.g. the Citizens "Survival Abilities"). This is not consistent with the official FAQ and may change in the future.

Base ClassesEdit

Fighter | Hunter | Mage | Healer

Fighter ClassesEdit

Warrior | Paladin | Amazon/Archer | Shadow Knight

Hunter ClassesEdit

Ranger | Rogue | Bard | Barbarian

Mage ClassesEdit

Sorceror/Wizard | Illusionist | Necromancer | Shaman

Healer ClassesEdit

Druid | Cleric | Enchanter | Monk