Dark and Light/Races


Dark and Light has numerous races that you can select for your characters. Each one has certain benefits and limitations, and some races work better with certain classes, and vice versa.


Fairies, tiny and always female, are magic creatures who live in communities and travel by flying. They have compelling seductive powers, making them loved by all.


Ever since their origins, lutins have been the guardians of the plains, learning to dig fabulous underground galleries there. Their lilting tongue often makes people forget how wily they are; yet they are an engaging people for all that, with singing and storytelling talents appreciated by all.


Descended from water guardians, gnomes keep themselves to themselves and find it hard to get along with other races (except possibly the sprites, their distant cousins from the plains). Morals are rather flimsy among gnomes, earning them a reputation as scoundrels of the first order.


Dwarves have been guardians of the mountains since time immemorial, when their ancestors dug mines and developed the arts of the smithy. These days, they choose to live in communities, in which objects of immeasurable value are manufactured.

High ElvesEdit

These are the closest elves to the original elvish race. Throughout time, they have forged close ties with humans, who have become their privileged allies. They hate necromancy, opposing as it does their vision of the world. They are therefore fervent enemies of the Dark.

Dark ElvesEdit

Through their use of necromantic magic, shadow elves have rejected the ancient ideals of the elvish people. After being driven underground for long ages, they are now spread out over the lands, although they still live under cover. They owe their powerful magical abilities to their great intelligence. Over the ages, they have also developed extremely effective stealth techniques.

Wood ElvesEdit

These elves consider themselves the upholders of pure elvish tradition, shunning their high elf and shadow elf cousins. Like their ancestors, the guardians of the forest, they maintain close ties with nature. With their powerful magic and perfect understanding of all things natural, they are masters in the arts of tracking and hunting.

Half ElvesEdit

With their blend of human and elvish origins, half-elves are a harmonious people endowed with exceptional social skills. Half-elves do not favor any specific abode and can be found almost anywhere.


Humans started off as guardians and builders of the finest cities. Now you can find them in almost every corner of the Ganareth world, where of all the people, they are the most populous. From a blissful marriage of humans and elves, the half-elf race was born. A very different kind of union brought the half-trolls and half-orcs into being.


Brave are the children of humans and immortals (demigods). They feel they have been entrusted with a divine mission to fight evil, which in a brave’s eyes, is typified by the Dark. They have no preferred habitat and can be found in all the lands.

Half OrcsEdit

Half-orcs are crosses between orcs and humans. They tend to live in groups, in hot and mostly deserted locations. Their attraction to the art of necromantic conjuring naturally leads them to the ranks of the Dark.

Half TrollsEdit

Born from love affairs between humans and trolls, half-trolls are renowned for their outstanding strength and ability to shrug off illness, characteristics inherited from trollish forebears who were guardians of the marshes. These days, very few female half-trolls are born, and the remaining males are condemned to living their lives as nomads and bachelors.