Dark and Light/Races/Dwarves

Dwarves have been guardians of the mountains since time immemorial, when their ancestors dug mines and developed the arts of the smithy. These days, they choose to live in communities, in which objects of immeasurable value are manufactured.

Gender M/F
Alignment Dark or Light
Size 1.20m to 1.40m

Initial Stat Costs:

Stat Start Value Initial Cost
Str 12 6
Con 10 5
Dex 10 6
Qui 10 5
Int 12 7
Wis 10 5
Cha 10 6

Maximum Run Speed 19.0km/h - this is the slowest race in the game

Classes available:

Way of life: Dwarves are like the mountains they live in: proud and strong, fierce and resilient. So stubborn they sometimes behave irrationally. They fought against all odds during the War and never lost their faith despite the sacrifice of thousands of Mammals to Dragoon. They realized that death was only a stage of life, and they knew that the Dragons would pay for their misunderstanding of this cycle that binds all things together.

Their very strong relation with Agnar is highlighted in the way they build their houses: their traditional villages are made of stone buildings of rough and sturdy architecture, with steep roofs that prevent snow from accumulating.