Dark and Light/Classes/Shadowknight

Shadow KnightEdit

Stat Raising CostsEdit

  • INT -1
  • DEX +1

this modification is on top of the one for fighters, so in total you will have

  • STR -1
  • CON -1
  • INT -1


Hi there I have been a shadow knight from the start and I like to share my experience. I am not the Mr Know it all so feel free to add / edit. I think its pretty important as you start your char to concentrate on the stat points (STR, CON, INT etc) that don't cost much points. Later you will find out that others will become cheaper to buy. But i think that your basics will always be the cheapest. Saying that a diff way for us fighter based classes INT will always be more expensive to make higher then CON or STR.

My advice in the beginning for a shadow knight is to concentrate on two stats CON and less on STR. Con because all fighter skills later in the game are 100% con based and STR to get up your damage and carry capacity. Later (> 20) when INT gets cheaper put some points in it as in quickness.

If you are a pioneer then only put 1 point in mounts. You got a dragon already and it will save you points.

After being about level 10 take out your points of citizen skills.


Hints and BugsEdit

All or most of your skills work on a base of mana and Stamina. When fighter watch them. When you get into a fight with low stamina or mana its the end for you. Be sure to collect fighter (stamina only) and Shadow Knight skills (stamina and mana). When leveling be sure to put points in CON (Stamina) and INT (mana). So far (not sure) I think STR I important but less then your CON and INT.