Dark and Light/Races/Half Trolls

Born from love affairs between humans and trolls, half-trolls are renowned for their outstanding strength and ability to shrug off illness, characteristics inherited from trollish forebears who were guardians of the marshes. These days, very few female half-trolls are born, and the remaining males are condemned to living their lives as nomads and bachelors.

Gender M
Alignment Dark or Light
Size 2.10m to 2.30m

Initial Stat Costs:

Stat Start Value Initial Cost
Str 12 5
Con 10 5
Dex 10 4
Qui 10 6
Int 12 7
Wis 10 7
Cha 10 7

Maximum Run Speed 42.8km/h - this is the fastest runspeed in the game, but it doesnt seem to really work yet.

Classes available:

Way of life: Their choice of divinity at the end of the War is quite obvious in their architecture: their villages, which were located near swamps at first, which still have aesthetic qualities (although this is open for discussion) with colors ranging from green to ochre to brown, as well as ornaments and specificities coming from their distant ancestors. Half-trolls are true fighters with a ferocious attitude, especially when they fight. But behind this attitude looms an incoming tragedy for the whole Half-troll people: the fact that there are no females left leads them, slowly but ruthlessly, to extinction.