Dark and Light/Forts/Fort Sieging

How to Siege a FortEdit

Level RequirementsEdit

To siege a fort you must be at least the level required to build that type of fort. To siege a regular fort you must be FxP level 15 and to siege a Barony fort you must be at least Fxp level 25.

Starting the SiegeEdit

To start the siege, you must find a fort that is currently able to be attacked (forts can only be attacked four hours each day). You will also need a fort flag for the type of fort you are trying to siege, (these can be bought from the town of Cidd as described in Fort Building). Once you do this you right click on the fort and select 'Declare Siege'. You will then see a little box in the center of your screen. Take one of your personalized fort flags and drag it into this box and click 'Start Siege'.

Siege PartyEdit

Your siege has then begun, the owner of the fort is now alerted that you are preparing to attack his/her fortress and can now teleport to the fort to defend it (currently not implemented). You are now greeted with a dialog with a 10 minute timer that allows you to invite others to the siege or say that you are ready to begin the attack. You can invite anyone in your faction (Dark or Light) to help you with this siege, as long as they meet the level requirement. When they accept the invitation, they are instantly teleported to the siege location (currently bugged). Be careful, when you accept an invitation to a siege, to be on the ground, because teleporting requires you to kneel and if you are flying in the air, you will fall quickly to the ground, and possibly die. The person defending the fort can also invite others to defend just as you can invite to attack, so watch numbers next to 'Enemy Force' and 'Friendly Force' to make sure you have enough people to win the fight. A maximum number of 15 people can attack and a maximum number of 15 can defend. There is also a Mercenary search function in this dialog, but it does not seem functional yet.

Edit: There is an additional requirement for starting a siege on a barony fort, if you don't qualify you get the message: "You don't have enough control on inferior domains to declare this siege", When you get this error message it means that other Light/Dark forts are in that barony and must first be eliminated. To get information on the number of forts in each barony discover the Mana Towers. They will provide you with the Current Barony holder, Number of Light/Dark inferior domains, Number of reservations, and Total inferior domains.


With the current version of SoG forts are totally attackable. Once Most Walls/Towers/Defenders are destroyed a fort boss monster will appear at the flagpole location. He is 7 or 8 levels higher, on average, than the fort level. After beating the fort boss the fort will be destroyed and a reservation will be placed for the barony.

When the siege engine is added to the game, the towers will shoot at you. You will also be able to attack the towers with siege weapons to completely destroy a fortress. You can then build your own fortress in its place. If the fort you destroyed was a Barony fort, then this would give you control of the Barony.