Dark and Light/Forts/Fort Building

How to Build a FortEdit

Level RequirementEdit

There is a FxP Level required to build a fort. To build a regular fort, that can be built just about anywhere in a PvP Kingdom, you must be level 15. To build a barony fort, that controls a barony (only one of these forts is allowed in each Barony), you must be level 25.

Scrolls and FlagsEdit

Once you are the required level for your fort, you need a 'fort scroll' and a 'fort flag'. For a regular fort get a 'Fort Flag' and 'Fort Scroll' for 100 goth each in the town of Cidd. For a Barony fort purchase a 'Barony Fort Flag' and 'Barony Fort Scroll' for 500 goth each, also in the town of Cidd. For more precise locations please see the Maps.

Building the FortEdit

First right-click on your 'fort flag' and select Personalise.

Now find a location where you want to set up your fort.

Once you are standing at the location, click on the ground where you want your flag to make a mark. Right-click on the 'fort flag' and then select Use Item. Next right click on the 'fort scroll' and select Use Item. This should set your flag pole on the spot that you marked.

If you are trying to build a Barony Fort, it might say this area has already been reserved. This means there is already a Barony fort in that Barony. To build your fort here that fort would have to be destroyed.

Next right-click on the flag pole and your fort window will open up. Select the Goods tab. You must fund your fort construction with some Goths. On the goods page you will find an option to add Goths. You need at least 700 Goths for basic construction costs.

Next you need to buy Walls, a Gate, Towers and Torches. You will be limited in the number of these that you can buy. When you first go to purchase these items you will be asked what construction set to use. There are 3 possible choices and these are of different styles of towers. Buy as many walls, a gate, towers and torches as you can get.

Next go to Edit Mode. Place a mark on the ground where you want the item to appear. In Edit Mode there is a button to put the item, highlight a wall and place it.

Now you can pick up the wall piece with your left mouse button and you can rotate the wall piece with your right mouse button. Once you have it in the position you want, click on Validate. You may have to exit the editor in order to move yourself around to get a better view of what you are doing. Just repeat this step until you have your fort completely built.

Fort MembersEdit

Now you need to add members to your fort's defence, and you can set ranks. People can come and right click on your fort to submit an application to become a subscriber to your fort's defence. We believe that you may only subscribe to the defence of one fort, but once you have done this you can use the fort window from your options to teleport to the fort flag pole from anywhere in Ganareth.

There is currently a bug with the fort window that keep you from logging in your characters if you don't delete the ks.dat file 1st. The ks.dat file is in your SoG/Profiles/CharName/SOIC/ folder, this folder contains info on all forts that you have found; you only need to delete the ks.dat file to fix the bug. However deleting the ks.dat file makes your fort window inaccessible until you visit the fort and get the fort info.

Funding Your FortEdit

According to FAQs from dev chats and such, there is a maintenance cost to all structures. They will take damage and decay over time if not maintained. You may want to add some extra goths to your fort fund just in case. The goods window now tells you how much money is in the fort, you can not make a withdrawal of this money and currently there is no upkeep.

Fort DesignEdit

It seems that the character level that creates the fort affects the number of walls and towers that you can get. I know that a level 19 character fort can have a max of 5 towers; but a level 30 character fort can have 6. A level 25 Barony fort gets 7 towers and lots of walls and torches, its pretty big. Some people are gathering their towers inside the walls, you can create a kinda castle effect. Some people are building their towers into the walls, you get a somewhat larger fort this way, but there is nothing inside the walls but a flagpole. The towers are supposed to be defensive and fire arrows\magic attacks at attackers, this feature is currently implemented and range is still unknown. So there may be some advantage to huddling your towers close together where they can concentrate firepower, as opposed to spread out where only one to three towers will be able to attack on one side.