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Global MapsEdit

Global Kingdon Map

A map provided by Calcineur, showing the various kingdoms, named after the gods. This map is based on guesses from Calcineur. It may or may not be correct.

Calcineur said this: "I assure you, this map is only 70%-80% correct, because at this moment we (the community) don't have enough information about kingdoms locations and kingdoms borders."

Kingdom MapsEdit

Maps for particular Kingdoms will be listed here.

Regional MapsEdit

Maps for particular Regions will be listed here.


This is the only open area in Settlers Of Ganareth. When complete, this region will be under the control of Hydra.

Mob LocationsEdit

Here's a map showing the starter location and surrounding MOBs: http://www.koolest.jp/blog/img/MobLoc.html

Here's another map showing the locations of level 1-4 MOBs: http://ianstormalliance.com/resolution/NewbieMap.jpg


Mana Tower Teleports: http://www.mdn-clan.com/ganareth/mapa/mtts_2.jpg
Mana Tower zones: http://dndgamer.gbrain.co.uk/dnl_transport.php?trans=mana
Balloon Paths: http://dndgamer.gbrain.co.uk/dnl_transport.php?trans=balloon
Boat Rides: http://dndgamer.gbrain.co.uk/dnl_transport.php?trans=boat