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Cod is a popular food fish, though it is currently significantly overfished.

Characteristics edit

Cod flesh is thick and white, with a mild flavor and very flaky, lean texture once cooked.[1][2][3] It is often preserved by drying and/or salting. Salting, in particular, changes the ultimate flavor and texture of the meat, making it chewier and slightly less "fishy".[4][5]

Selection and storage edit

When selecting fresh cod, look for moist, not dry flesh.[3] Avoid any fish that is acutely slimy or that has off odors. Fresh cod does not last very long, keeping only a couple days in the fridge. Conversely, salt cod has an extremely long shelf life, keeping for months.[4] Look for salt cod that is still slightly pliable instead of stiff as a board.[4]

Use edit

Cod is extremely versatile and popular, with a variety of applications.[3] Fresh cod can be prepared in almost every style of cooking except for grilling, where it has a tendency to break apart due to its texture.[1] It is commonly fried or flaked and turned into cakes, and it is also included in chowders.[3] Salt cod must be soaked in multiple changes of water over the course of a day to make it ready for cooking—after this, it can be flaked and fried or used in stews or other preparations.[4][5]

Substitution edit

If cod is not available, or if you wish to avoid it due to its overfished status, many thick, firm-fleshed, mild fish can be used as a substitute. Haddock is one example of these.

Recipes edit

References edit

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