Adventures of Lolo 2 (Japanese)/Level 5

This chapter discusses the solutions to level 5. One thing to take a note of: Every room in level 5 has at least one Alma in it.

5-1 edit

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The first level in 5-1 is kind of tricky. You need to time a few things, especially the use of the hole at the end.

  • To start, make your way right and push the EF on H9 to J9.
  • Push the EF on J8 right one. Go up and right and get the heart.
  • Push the EF on J7 down to I11 and push the EF on J6 up to B2. Get the heart along the way.
  • Wait on the grass spot on C2. When the Alma is on the side, move down, turn and shoot it once. When the Alma below you is away, move down and get the heart and quickly move out of the area.
  • Go back right and down, get the heart on G11 if you haven't done so, and go to the grass area on C9, facing up. This is the tricky part: Eye the Almas and wait until the rightmost one steps on C8 and shoot it twice. The other Alma will be walking around.
  • After about 6 seconds, shoot the second Alma and be sure it's stopped on C8. This will cause the first Alma you shoot away to appear on A2.
  • While the Alma is still in the egg, go up to get the last heart.
  • Getting the chest is a little tricky. Go up and left of the trees to try to make the Almas roll so they are closer to each other. When you've got a clear path, go to the chest.
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