Adventures of Lolo 2 (Japanese)/Level 2

This chapter discusses the solutions to level 2.

2-1 edit


This level introduces Skulls. You actually do need to consider which heart to get last.

  • Get the nearby heart and shoot the Gol and put it over the Medusa, put the Skull right of the Medusa. Get the hearts.
  • Go up and around. Get the leftmost of the 4 hearts last then run up. The grass will keep the Skulls away. Get the chest.

2-2 edit


The annoying Rockies appear. Luckily it's not too difficult.

  • The main trick is eyeballing the 2 Rockies on the right. Make sure when you get the heart that you won't get pinned in that little space.
  • Collect the remaining hearts in the right area and get the chest.

2-3 edit


Leeper time. Make sure you don't put them to sleep in a blocking way.

  • Get the heart and walk into the area. Just be sure no Leeper moves in front of you to block the way out or the heart on the right.
  • The heart on the right is easy to get, since the Leepers behind it block nothing over there.
  • Put the 3 Leepers up on the left asleep by the lower patch of grass. Get the hearts and the chest.

2-4 edit


This level introduces the new crumbling bridges and Almas.

  • Push the 2 EFs directly down to block the 2 lower Almas in their area.
  • Get the 2 hearts that are across the bridges. Watch as the crumbling one crumbles away as you go back. One heart will give you shots.
  • Using your shots, put each upper Alma in an egg and get the hearts under them. Get the chest.

2-5 edit


The final level in level 2 has the deadly Don Medusa in it.

  • Go to the 2 EFs on the left. Push the right one up 1 space and push the left one left of the Medusa.
  • Get the heart over the Snakey. Shoot the left one and put it over the Medusa, get the heart. Shoot the right one and put it 2 spaces right.
  • Go back down and push the lower EF right 2 spaces, get under it and push it up and trap the Don in the middle, between the water. Get the heart in the bottom right corner and go up, getting the hearts. Get the chest.
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