Adventures of Lolo 2 (Japanese)/Level 1

This chapter discusses the solutions to level 1.

1-1 edit


The first level of the game shows you the basics.

  • Get the 3 hearts and the treasure chest.

1-2 edit


The second level demonstrates Emerald Framers or EFs.

  • Just maneuver the EFs out of the way of the hearts, get the hearts, and get the treasure chest.

1-3 edit


The first demonstration of shots in the game.

  • Get the lower right heart, shoot the Snakey twice and get the next heart.
  • Use your other shots to push the top Snakeys out of the way. Get the chest.

1-4 edit


The first appearance of the deadly monster Medusa.

  • Push the EF up one, get the heart.
  • Using your shots, push the 2 Snakeys above the Medusas for safe passage to the heart and chest.

1-5 edit


Gols appear here. Not in an overly harmful way.

  • Push the EF down and left by the Medusa. Push the other EF over it.
  • Push the EF up top up and right. Push the other EF under the Medusa. Get the heart.
  • Just run past the Gols. None of them are close enough to hit you with fireballs while running. Get the chest.
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