Adventures of Lolo 2 (Japanese)/Level 16

This chapter discusses the solutions to level 16.



This level has some directional water. It utilizes the Gols well, too.

  • Go left and get the heart. Shoot and push Snakey up one.
  • Shoot the Gol up to the water's edge, but go around and push him right into the water. The egg will move all the way right. Push the EF with you all the way right and catch up with the egg. Get on the egg and push the EF into the little cubby between the trees.
  • Push the other nearby EFs right one space each. Go back to the bottom area before the Gol respawns and get the heart under the Medusa.
  • Go under the Snakey and push him up and left into the area where there's no desert. Eye the Don on the right and when it's safe, push and ride the egg on the water.
  • You'll go up and right. When you near the upper Gol, shoot him and push him right. Wait for Don to come up and push the egg halfway under him and Medusa. Go back and get on the egg.
  • Push the EF right one space. Get back on the egg.
  • When the egg reaches the end, get ready for an action sequence: Push the upper EF up and halfway between the Don Medusa and Medusa on the left side. Get the 2 hearts. Go down and push the other EF down to block the lower Medusa. Get the last heart. Quickly go back to the lower area before the Snakey respawns in its place.
  • Go under the Gol, shoot and push him up into the water like you did with the Snakey. When you come to the top left area, hop off and shoot the Snakey up. Get the treasure chest.



This is a harder one because of the way you need to manipulate the Almas and Dons...

  • Push the EF near you right one space and get the heart above you. Then push it to trap Don in the top right corner. Get the other heart for a bridge.
  • Build a bridge over the top Alma and run right. When the Alma rolls at you, step aside and go into the middle of the grassy area.
  • Eye the lower right Don as you shoot the Alma on the right and cross the water to get the heart on the right. Cross back. You'll get a bridge.
  • Go above the lower Alma. Shoot it and build the bridge to the left of the egg. Push the egg down into the water, carefully avoiding the left Don. Push the lower EF right a half space and get the nearby heart for the third bridge.
  • Build this bridge right of the Alma's respawn point and push the EF onto the bridge.
  • When the Alma respawns, it will be walking into the lower left area. Move the EF onto its respawn point.
  • Here's a tricky part. On the lower right, push the EF down to block the Don. When the Alma is blocking the lower left Don, you need to grab the heart.
  • Go into the lower left area, pushing the EF across the bridge and under the rock. Stand on the treasure chest.
  • When the lower Don passes by, move the EF under the chest a half space down to trap him against the water. This also keeps the Alma from going under the chest.
  • Here comes the hardest part of the level: You need to get the Alma to be running above the left Don. You basically need to make it roll at you and time it so it stays above the Don. I haven't found a very easy way to do this, but when you do get it done, you need to push the 2 EFs left, under the tree and then push the upper one to seal the Don and Alma on the left, with the Alma on the top.
  • Get the lower left heart and push the EF that's half down by the Don all the way down. Push other EF over the Don.
  • Go back up into the middle area. Shoot the left Alma to cross the water and get the heart and cross back.
  • Shoot the Alma that's running freely in the upper area and push him into the water somewhere. (Just to keep it out of the way).
  • Go left and push EF near the Medusa under it. Get the heart.
  • When the upper Alma respawns, shoot and push it into the water space that's left of its starting point and cross left to free the EF. Push it up and left and right of the Medusa.
  • For the last sequence, I recommend staying in the area right of the top Alma's respawn point between the water and tree. Wait for it to respawn and come over. Shoot and push it up to block the Don. Get the last heart and go down to the treasure chest.



Wow. I thought the last one was bad. This one you'll need to be evading the Dons and eyeballing them. You also need to do quite a bit of walking longer ways.

  • Go around the Snakey and above the EF that's above you when you start. Push it down, get the 2 lower hearts in the cluster and push the EF down and under the Snakey.
  • Go up across the bridge and push the EF under the up arrow.
  • Cross back and carefully get the third heart from the previous group.
  • Cross the bridge to the right. One good way to do this is to stand a half space between the EF you pushed, which is above and over the Rock below you. When the upper Don is right, you can safely pass since the lower one is shielded.
  • Push the EF left of the Snakey down 2 spaces.
  • Carefully shoot and push the Snakey up 2 spaces and right over the tree. Get the heart under the tree.
  • Push the EF down against the wall and right to trap the lower Don in the bottom right corner.
  • Go back left across the bridge and push the EF that's under the Snakey from earlier to the right side. You'll need to push it right, walk around and push it up then right. Against the tree. Then push it up 3 spaces.
  • Go back left and to the 3 EFs. Carefully move to the left wall and push all 3 of these right one space. Get the heart at the bottom.
  • Shoot the central Snakey and move up 2 spaces right and 2 spaces up, into the water. Push the EF through the up arrow and pin the upper Don against the tree.
  • Move down and right and use the EF over there to pin the right Don against the Snakey. Get all 3 hearts in the top right area.
  • Go back to the central Snakey. Shoot and push him up and pin the top left Don against the wall.
  • Go down to the 3 EFs. Push the top one up across the bridge to the top wall so you block the top Don from the left. Push the lowest one left one space. Push the last one up and one space above the bridge, but stop there.
  • Go back left and shoot the Snakey holding the Don on the left wall twice. Go right and push the EF to trap this Don between the EF and rock. Get the top left heart.
  • Go back to the bottom left and maneuver the last EF across the right bridge and left of the Don that's between the EF and Snakey.
  • Shoot the central Snakey and cross the water under the up arrow and get the treasure chest.



A pretty interesting Skull map. One thing I want to say right up front is the last heart you want to collect is the one 3 spaces left and 1 space up from your initial starting point.

  • Push the EF left of you 1 space left.
  • Get the heart. Push the right EF right and then back left again so you can put it above the up arrow.
  • Get the heart under the exit door.
  • Shoot the Skull that's over the right Medusa twice and very quickly move right.
  • Go around the 2 EFs and push the right one up 1 space and the left one over the Medusa. The Skull will respawn under this Medusa.
  • Go down and get the heart. Shoot the Skull right of the Medusa from above and push the other EF onto its space. It will respawn over the Medusa on the left side.
  • Make your way left and push the EFs so you can trap Don on the bottom wall. Remember to avoid getting that heart you need to save for last. Get the 2 hearts in the lower left.
  • Go into the top right area and shoot the Skull twice and get the heart.
  • Go left, get the heart over the Skull trio.
  • Push the EF in the middle area up and left.
  • Shoot the top Skull in the trio twice and push the EF onto its space. It will respawn left of the Medusa.
  • Go right and around. Push the EF over the up arrow up 2 spaces and left 2 spaces. Then tap it a half space down (to seal in all the skulls.)
  • Get the last heart.
  • You'll need to inch the EFs to get the bottom left Skulls into a smaller area so you can block the Don guarding the treasure chest. Inch them slightly, leaving no full space open. When you get it close enough, go around and get the chest.



The last level in 16 will need you to move the Snakeys around and cross the water. There is no directional water in this level either.

  • Get the heart above you. Shoot and push the top right Snakey into the water left, get the 2 hearts and wait for it to respawn.
  • Shoot the right Snakey down into the water and push the EF to the right wall.
  • Before the right Snakey respawns, go up and shoot and push the top right Snakey into the water left again. Shoot the left Snakey down into the water, but don't cross.
  • Push the EF left 3 spaces and go above the left Snakey's starting point. Wait for it to respawn.
  • Shoot and push the left Snakey down into the water and cross. Push the EF right, next to the other EF on the wall.
  • Put these 2 EFs down next to the bottom right Medusa on both the top and left.
  • Go around the top and push the EF down next to the bottom right Medusa.
  • Go back around to the bottom area. Shoot and push the Snakey next to the 2 hearts. Get the 2 hearts and push the egg up under the central EF, push it up and cross back on the egg.
  • Here comes an action sequence: Push the top right Snakey into the water left. Shoot the left Snakey down into the water, cross, push the EF right and under the top right Medusa. Quickly go over and right of where the left Snakey respawns. You can't delay.
  • Shoot and push the left Snakey over the bottom left Medusa.
  • Go back to the bottom and use the lower Snakey to push the right EF up and push it left of the top right Medusa. Get the heart and get the treasure chest.
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