Adventures of Lolo 2 (Japanese)/Level 14

This chapter discusses the solutions to level 14.

14-1 edit


The first level of the underworld isn't overly tough, but you need to position the snakeys in correct places. You'll also re-use the one that's between the 2 "lakes" a few times.

  • Get the 2 hearts that are in the corners of the lakes for shots.
  • Go down and push the EF above the bottom left Medusa.
  • Go right, push the EF between the snakeys up to block the nearby Medusa from the left.
  • Go left one and push the EF up and then left to block the upper Medusa on the bottom.
  • Get the heart these 2 Medusas were covering.
  • Go back to the bottom, shoot and push the left snakey all the way up and get the heart up top.
  • Go to the snakey between the lakes, push him left one space, walk around and push him up to the tree.
  • Go to the other nearby snakey on the left, shoot him up into the water then shoot the other snakey you pushed earlier to block the top Medusa from the left. Get the heart and go shoot the egg a second time.
  • When the left snakey respawns, shoot and push him down to block the bottom left Medusa on the right.
  • When the snakey between the lakes respawns, shoot and push him right 3 spaces and down to the trees.
  • Go around, between the lakes, and shoot the same snakey (the egg will hatch by now, but don't worry) and push him to the right 3 spaces under the water. Shoot the other nearby snakey right into the water and push the other egg down to block Medusa. Get the heart and shoot the egg again.
  • This next sequence needs to be done quickly. When the snakey between the lakes respawns, shoot and push him under the Medusa to the right, get the heart, shoot the snakey under the heart and push him above the bottom right Medusa. Go back and shoot the egg under the other Medusa and quickly get out of the way.
  • When the snakey respawns again, shoot and push him above the Medusa, push the EF right and down to block Medusa from the right. Get the heart and get the treasure chest.

14-2 edit


This is kind of a weird one. Only one real action sequence to worry about.

  • Get the heart that's under the treasure chest for some shots.
  • Shoot Rocky when he's in the upper area and push him next to the water. Get the nearby heart, then cross with the egg to the left.
  • Head to the 2 EFs. Push the left one down 3 spaces and left one. Be careful of the Don.
  • Push the other one so it's above the previous one you moved.
  • Go over to the Snakey and get ready for an action sequence. You need to shoot and push him to cross the water that's left of the up arrow AND push the EF left so it traps Don above. Simply maneuver him around the tree. You should have a second or two to wait for Don.
  • Get the heart in the lower left and move right, past the EF right of the right arrow.
  • Push the EF that's right of the grass 2 spaces right. Make sure the Rocky isn't in the way.
  • Now, here's a tricky sequence: Stand a half space left of the EF and wait for the Rocky to stop. Move right so he begins pushing you down, but then immediately move left so you won't be next to the Medusa. Then just inch down and Rocky will move with you so you can get the heart.
  • Move out of the area and work back in so you can get the heart to the right.
  • You'll need to lure the Rocky back into the upper area to get out again, but make sure to lure him back into the lower area using the steps above.
  • Go left and up to where the Leeper is. Put him to sleep in the bottom left of his little area (best way is to stand on the grass and wait a half space under the water). Get the heart.
  • Push the EF under the up arrow all the way up to block the top left Medusa. Get the heart.
  • Push the nearby EF to block the Don Medusa from above.
  • Use the Snakey to cross back into the lower area again.
  • Eyeball the Rocky on the right, and when he's walking and covering the Medusa, go down and push the last EF by the right arrow up and out to block the Medusa in the top left from underneath. Get the last heart.
  • Use the Snakey to cross back right, just be careful the Rocky isn't in the way. Get the treasure chest.

14-3 edit


This a hard one. This level features directional water that basically circles the entire room. It is a little tedious having to wait for the egg to go all the way around, but at the same time some events need to be timed right while using the egg. The crumbling bridge also seems to serve no purpose...

  • Get the heart up by the door.
  • Shoot the snakey down into the water and ride the egg.
  • Get the 4 hearts. You'll receive a bridge.
  • Use the bridge right on the water next to where you got the 4th heart.
  • Shoot the middle right snakey down a half space and the middle left one down a half space under the left medusa to walk through.
  • Get onto the egg in the water and push the first 2 EFs up a space.
  • Push the third one up so it is lined up with the top medusa on the left
  • Get the 2 nearby hearts.
  • Get back on the egg in the water and push the EF you just pushed up left one space. Go down and push the left EF next to this one, then push this EF so it's to the left of the treasure box.
  • The next events require you to wait for the right timing of the egg on the water. I recommend doing it when the egg is over the heart that's left of the top right medusa.
  • From across the water, shoot the snakey that's above the medusa twice.
  • This is a funky trick you have to do now: Move a half space down and shoot left at the snakey that's the half space left of that medusa. Your shot actually HITS this snakey. Shoot him twice. And yes, you actually have to do this in this order, too.
  • Go push the EF that is left of the treasure box across the bridge and leave it a half space left above the right medusa.
  • If you timed the egg right, get on and push the EF down so it covers both spaces of the snakeys you shot off.
  • One snakey will respawn left of the medusa in the top right, the other below the right medusa.
  • The egg should sink by the crumbling bridge.
  • Go to the right and use the other EF to block the medusa and get the 2 hearts.
  • Go back to the left and push the EF right so it's fully over the right medusa.
  • Face down and shoot the snakey that's half under the left medusa twice.
  • Shoot and push the left snakey into the water and wait for the egg to come all the way around. The snakey you shot a little bit ago will respawn.
  • When the egg sinks, wait about 6 seconds. Shoot and push the second snakey left one space. If you timed this right, the snakey that sunk will respawn under the left medusa while you still have the one in the egg. Now push this egg into the water.
  • Wait for the egg to go around. Go to the right and shoot the snakey over there up into the water.
  • The 2 snakeys will respawn in the middle. Just repeat the same process in the beginning to get to the lower area on the left. Get the 2 hearts and get the treasure.

14-4 edit


A little bit trickier here. You'll need to use one Snakey several times and know where to place the bridges. But it's pretty straightforward.

  • Get the nearby heart, shoot and push the Snakey left and under the bottom left Medusa. Get the heart.
  • Go back right and push the EF left and up next to to same Medusa to block from the right.
  • Go right to get the unguarded heart, left of the EF and you'll get a bridge.
  • Go back left 3 spaces and shoot the Snakey under you and push him down, but be careful not to push him into the water. Then push him all the way right, next to the tree, then push him up into the water. Quickly cross, face left, use your bridge, then cross back.
  • Go back around and push the EF next to the bridge you just made 2 spaces to the right.
  • Using the same Snakey, repeat the process from before and push the EF to block the right Medusa on its left side. Get the heart.
  • Go back left and shoot the Snakey that's next to the heart between the Medusas up to block the upper one from the right.
  • Go across the upper bridge, shoot the Snakey and move him right 1, go around and push him all the way left to block the upper left Medusa from the top. Get this heart.
  • Go back down and using the Snakey from earlier, shoot and push him up 2, and all the way right (next to the EFs), then push the egg up into the water, cross, and push the EF to the right, above the Medusa, then cross back. Get the heart in the top right corner.
  • Using the same Snakey, shoot and push him to situate him over the lower left Medusa.
  • Situate the EF under the top left Medusa. You'll get a bridge.
  • Go across the upper bridge and then down. Use the bridge over the last Snakey. Push him down one, go around and push him to the right and situate him under the right Medusa. Get the last heart and the treasure chest.

14-5 edit


This level needs a little bit of speed and remembering where the snakeys originally spawned. I have marked where the action sequence begins, so be sure to familiarize yourself with it, since one screw up will be the end.

  • Go down and get the heart. The next sequence needs to be done fairly quickly as there are lots of eggs to push around and shoot.
  • Assume the snakeys are numbered 1-5, left to right.


  • Face the snakey #1, shoot it and push it once space right.
  • Go down, get the heart, shoot and push the snakey #2 2 spaces right.
  • Get the heart above you, shoot snakey #3 under the medusa twice.
  • Go back left, get the bottom left heart, push the egg with snakey #1 right under the medusa's spot.
  • Shoot the egg containing snakey #2, which is now under snakey #1 a second time.
  • Shoot and push snakey #4 2 spaces right.
  • Shoot snakey #5 and push it down to block Don in the corner.
  • Push the egg containing snakey #4 5 spaces to the left (to cover snakey #2's original spot.
  • Get the last heart, go back right and shoot the egg containing snakey #5 a second time, then get away from the Don.
  • Go back left and shoot snakey #4 and push him all the way right next to the EF.
  • One trick I like to do is push the egg a half space down to trap Don in the corner once again.
  • By this time, the snakeys will have respawned right and left of the medusa.
  • Go up and shoot the snakey right of the medusa and push him left as this spot marks the respawn point for the next snakey.


  • Get the heart in the top right corner.
  • The snakey that respawns right of the medusa, shoot and situate him above Medusa between the trees.
  • Go all the way out and up to get that heart on the top, come back down, shoot the snakey blocking your path down and get the last heart under the treasure chest, then get the treasure.
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