Adventures of Lolo 2 (Japanese)/Level 15

This chapter discusses the solutions to level 15.



The first level of 15 is a little tricky. Make sure to keep your eye on the Don at the bottom. The Don on the left serves almost no purpose as he gets trapped right away.

  • Go right and down to the 2 EFs. Push the upper EF to the left and block the Don up into the top left corner.
  • Get the left heart and go up and shoot the Snakey and push him under the top Medusa.
  • Go right across the regular bridge and get the heart nearby the right Medusa.
  • Go back and get the heart right of the EF, near the crumbling bridge.
  • Push the EF to the right (be careful of the Don) and then down across the crumbling bridge and trap Don between the EF and tree.
  • Go back up and around, across the other crumbling bridge and push the EF all the way right to keep the Don in place.
  • Shoot the lower Snakey and push him right and stop a half space left of the Don. Tap the EF a half space, go around to push the EF left and shoot the egg a second time. Push the EF onto the Snakey's starting space. It will reappear above the Don.
  • Push the EF up across the crumbling bridge (the bridge will crumble into lava now) and push it right across the regular bridge to block the right Medusa.
  • Go left by the desert, shoot and push the Snakey right and up to block the upper Medusa on its right side. Get the 2 hearts quickly and go back down to shoot the egg again.
  • When Snakey respawns, just shoot and push him up to block the same Medusa on the left. Get the heart and go down to the treasure chest.



This is a tricky one. There's one point where you need to carefully time the Don Medusa's movements too.

  • Go down to the EF cluster. Push the top left one down one space. Push the one next to you right one space. Go down and push the lowest one right 2 spaces. Go up and push the one left one space. Push the other one all the way up across the bridge and to the right of the top left Medusa.
  • Go back down and situate the other 2 EFs right next to the heart on either side. Get the heart.
  • This is the tricky sequence. Go up and over the Snakey. Eyeball the Don and when he touches the right wall, shoot and immediately push the Snakey down into the water to get the heart. The Don will just miss you and leave you enough time for the egg to sink. Shoot and push the Snakey right of you into the water. Be careful of the Don. Push the EF right and quickly move up for cover above the EF.
  • Before the Snakey respawns, you need to carefully move up and push the EF that's right of its starting point all the way left and stop above the bridge.
  • Go back right and around to the EF that's in the upper right. Push it down to the left of the Medusa and get the nearby heart.
  • Go all the way around back to the bridge. Push the EF down, stopping by the lower water area.
  • Now, carefully move right and get the heart that's left of the blocked Medusa.
  • Go back left and push the EF through the gap and next to the other EF.
  • Go around again, pushing the EF down to trap Don Medusa in between. Get the heart in the corner.
  • Go back around to the left of Don and push the EF right to trap him in place.
  • Go up and shoot the Snakey, push him left and down across the bridge and then down to the lower left water area. Push him into the water that the EF is over to free it. Push this EF all the way up next to the water left of the bridge.
  • Wait for the Snakey to respawn then shoot and push him left into the water next to the bridge. Push the EF left to block the upper Medusa.
  • Wait for the Snakey to respawn, shoot and situate him to block the lower left Medusa. Get the heart.
  • Go up to the top right, shoot the Snakey and cross to get the treasure chest.



Another odd one. The biggest trick is avoiding the Don Medusa on the right side.

  • Push the nearby EF all the way down over the Medusa. Be sure to eye the Don on right.
  • Go right across the crumbling bridge and push the EF right one space and then up under the central Medusa. Again, eye Don. The bridge will crumble away.
  • Shoot the Skull and push him right to the wall and then maneuver the egg all the way up. You need to time how to evade the Don carefully.
  • Here's a speedy sequence to do: Shoot the other nearby Skull and push him up one space and left one space. Get the heart and go all the way to the left. Face right and shoot the egg from across the room. Move up.
  • Shoot and push the Gol facing up to the right, above the Medusa.
  • Go around the tree, push the EF down next to the central Medusa. Watch the Don above. Get the nearby heart above the Skull.
  • Shoot the other Gol and push him up and to the right to trap the upper Don in the corner.
  • Go left, cross the upper crumbling bridge and get the heart in the top left corner.
  • Go back across the lower crumbling bridge and go over to the Skull. Shoot it twice and wait. When you see the respawn box appear, quickly go back down and left so you are left of where the Skull will respawn. The best way to do this is wait for the Don to tap the tree then fire your second shot. This way, you'll be able to get in safely.
  • Shoot and push the Skull right then down to trap the Don in the lower area. Get the heart above you.
  • Push the nearby EF down out of the tree area and around to block the Medusa on the left side. Go back around the long way and get the last heart. Then just run up to the treasure chest. The crumbling bridge is your ticket to the door.



This is a hard one. The main trick is to keep the Almas synched with running alongside the Dons, since that's your shield from them. Remember how to time the Almas' rolling.

  • Go down and be sure to have Alma roll with the Don. Be sure to move down to get out of the Alma's sight so it doesn't keep rolling.
  • Push the left EF up through the arrow (eye Alma too) and push it all the way up. Get the heart.
  • Push the EF right of the central Skull up against the water.
  • Here comes an action sequence. You can't screw up for a second. The Skull that's on the water's corner, shoot and push him 2 spaces left. Go push the EF nearby to the left and up one space. Then push the egg right and up into the water and push the EF left against the wall. The egg will nearly hatch, but won't if you do it correctly.
  • Shoot the skull by the water's corner up one space and then shoot the central Skull up into the water and push the egg left, next to the upper right Medusa.
  • Here comes the hardest part of the level: Unbalance the upper Alma and Don. Try to get it in a way so it looks like the Alma is running mostly on the Don's left side.
  • Now, go down to the Skull, shoot and push him under the 2 hearts. You need to time this carefully: Push the egg up when Alma is left of Don, get the 2 hearts and the Alma will roll at you (still left of Don) and then you run down back across the egg and left.
  • Try to rebalance the Alma and Don at the top as best you can so they run alongside each other. It's tricky, but must be done.
  • Shoot the central Skull and push him right and under the right Medusa. Get the heart.
  • Go back down to the lower right corner, again timing Alma, and push the other EF up and to the left. Push it down across the crumbling bridge and down to block the lower Don on the right.
  • Get the last heart and shoot the Alma. Push the Alma and EF left so you can safely get the treasure chest.



The last level is mainly hard at the beginning. You'll need to carefully evade the Don Medusa in the top left.

  • Carefully work your way down to the lower left corner and get the heart.
  • Shoot and carefully push the left Snakey up and then right under the Medusa. Get the heart.
  • Here comes the hard sequence: Go around and up to the upper left Snakey. Push him up to block the Don from the right, get the heart. Go down to the right arrow. Wait for Don to be moving left and about one space right of the egg. Shoot the egg twice so Don will bounce off it right before the shot hits it. Quicly move right. You're not done yet.
  • Now, for the second part of the sequence: Go to the lower Snakey and wait about 3 seconds. Shoot him and move him up to where the Snakey you just shot was. When you see the respawn box appear left of the Medusa, push this egg up to trap Don in the top left corner.
  • Go up and get the heart at the top. Push the EF down and over the Medusa. Get the heart to your left and the one under it.
  • Go down and right. Shoot the Snakey to trap the Don between the hearts. Shoot the other Snakey to trap the other Don in the top right corner. Go back down and shoot the egg twice to free the Don by the hearts and move left for cover.
  • When the Snakey respawns, shoot and push him up and trap the Don on the right wall.
  • Go around, get the heart by the Medusa with the EF over it.
  • Push the EF down to block Medusa from the right and get the last heart. Get the treasure chest.
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