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Due to a severe shortage of time, I am no longer able to be an active member of the Wikibooks project. Please see my page for more details about my absense. I will continue to monitor my talk page for correspondence and will try to reply quickly when possible.

About edit

Welcome to my Gadgets page. My gadgets are tools that I've created for helping to automate complex tasks, especially tasks related to creating a new book here on Wikibooks. Gadgets can be viewed and used on the Book Creator page. The links below will take you to the source code for these gadgets. Documentation is linked to from the Book Creator.

Installation Instructions

All stable scripts are now available as Gadgets. Manual install is not necessary. To install my most popular scripts, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Special:Preferences
  2. Click the Gadgets tab
  3. Check the box next to "Whiteknight's Visual Book Designer"

This will automatically install several scripts, including my Visual Book Designer and Book Creator scripts. All scripts, once installed, can be used at the Book Creator page.

Status edit

  • All scripts are tested to work in FireFox 2 and FireFox 3.
  • Support for IE7 and IE6 is good but not robustly tested. Plus, I have to do some ugly hack work to make these browsers work the same as FireFox.
  • Opera, Safari and Chrome should work for most things, but are not regularly tested.

Main Scripts edit

(View) (Edit)myskin.js 

My master javascript, handles the includes for all the other scripts listed below.

(View) (Edit)monobook.js 

My old master javascript. Deprecated.

(View) (Edit)gadgetscore.js 

(View) (Edit)Documentation 
The basic framework script that all my gadgets rely on. All my gadgets require this script to function.

(View) (Edit)gadgets.js 

Javascript to automatically include my gadgets core and all my best gadgets. To install, add this to your personal javascript file:

(View) (Edit)jquery.js 

The JQuery framework, which I am going to be using in lieu of my gadgetscore script for all future work.

(View) (Edit)perpage.js 

(View) (Edit)Documentation 
Enables me to load per-book javascript and CSS files. For a list of all books i use this functionality on, see Per Page. Dopes not currently work in IE with any reliability.

Interface Scripts edit

These are scripts that modify my interface. They are not likely to be useful to other people.

(View) (Edit)links.js 

Creates a link to "edit top" (to edit section 0 of a page), and also adds a link to my book foundry in my personal links.

(View) (Edit)switcher.js 

Creates a link in the toolbox to switch the current skin from my custom skin back to standard monobook.
New User Welcome
(View) (Edit)Documentation 
This is my New User Welcome gadget, available at Special:Preferences.

Gadget Scripts edit

These scripts are used to activate my various gadgets. All of them require installing gadgetscore.js. These gadgets will all be included automatically with gadgets.js.. Many of these are visible at User:Whiteknight/Book Creator.

(View) (Edit)printversion.js 

Operates my print version gadget. See User:Whiteknight/Print Version Gadget.

(View) (Edit)designer.js 

Operates my Book Designer Gadget. See User:Whiteknight/Book Designer Gadget.

(View) (Edit)designer3.js 

Beta version 3 of my book designer script.

(View) (Edit)bookpage.js 

(View) (Edit)pageheading.js 

(View) (Edit)categorize2.js 

A script to categorize and organize new books. See User:Whiteknight/Categorization Gadget.

(View) (Edit)remotetalk.js 

Allows a user to check the contents of talk pages on other Wikimedia projects. See User:Whiteknight/Remotetalk Gadget.

(View) (Edit)editinsert.js 

Javascript for a new add-on to my Template creator gadget and book creator gadget, allowing custom insert links for an edit box.

(View) (Edit)pagetester.js 

Operates my page tester gadget. See User:Whiteknight/Tester Gadget.

Beta Scripts edit

(View) (Edit)remotetalk2.js 

A user-friendly upgrade to the Remotetalk gadget. Not nearly complete yet

Obsolete Scripts edit

These are scripts that I used to use, but I do not anymore. There could be many reasons for this. I may never use some of these again.

(View) (Edit)printversion2.js 

(View) (Edit)remotetalk.js 

(View) (Edit)convert.js 

Enables conversion of units between metric and standard. Adds a link to the toolbox to "Convert Units", and then performs the conversions on all associated templates.

(View) (Edit)query.js 

Enables text values to be passed in the query string.

(View) (Edit)printversion.js 

old version of my printversion creator script.

(View) (Edit)instructions.js 

Operates my Creation Instructions Gadget

(View) (Edit)codeviewer.js 

Operates my code viewer gadget.

(View) (Edit)google.js 


(View) (Edit)categorize.js