User:Whiteknight/Remotetalk Gadget

Remote Talk Gadget (Version 3.01)

How to Install edit

This script is a Gadget. You can install this script by going to Special:Preferences, going to the "Gadgets" tab, and checking the box labeled remotetalk.js.

Once you save your javascript, you may need to clear your cache, typically by pressing + , or some other key combination, depending on your browser.

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Browser Test Codes
Broken: The script does not work in this browser.
Partial: Some (but not all) features of the script work in this browser. Problems may be minor and will probably be listed.
Works: The script works as expected in this browser, and no obvious bugs or errors are present.
Not Tested: I have not tested this script on this browser. It might work, it might not. If you test it, let me know the results.
Browsers not listed here have not been tested or are known not to work

Accessing the Gadget edit

Once you have installed the necessary javascript and properly configured it (see below), you can access the remote talk gadget by coming to this page or by transcluding this page into another page where you want it to appear (such as your user or user talk page). To do this, add this to the appropriate page:

{{User:Whiteknight/Remotetalk Gadget}}

How to Configure edit

To configure this gadget to look at the correct pages, you need to create a 2-D array named "Alias" to contain the parameters:

var Alias = new Array(

The LANG is the 2 or 3 letter language code (such as "en"). PROJECT is the name of the project using all lower-case letters. The URL is created by:

So if you want to make a link to a page at meta, you would say:

['meta', 'wikimedia', ...],

The USERNAME is your username on that project. LINKNAME is the words that you want to appear as the hyperlink. For instance, the following code:

var Alias = new Array(
  ['en', 'wikipedia', 'TimmyWikibookian', 'Me at Wikipedia']

Will produce a link that says "Me At Wikipedia", and loads the page at". If you leave one of the fields blank, or if you do not create an Alias array at all, defaults will be provided for you.

I am working on an easier way to install the gadget. Future versions will hopefully be easier to install.

About this Gadget edit

This gadget is used to view the talk pages of multiple user accounts on other projects from a single location. It uses IFRAME elements for the page loads, instead of AJAX, so that the server can be remote. You must install the script and properly configure it before use.

To Do edit

  • Figure out why it doesnt work in safari

Version History edit

  • 3.01 Fixed for complete compatibility with IE
  • 3.00 Complete rewrite using new gadgets framework.
  • 2.00 Major rewrite, integrated into my gadgets framework, allowed default parameters for various fields.
  • 1.00 First stable version