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Unicode 1.0 Unicode 1.1 Unicode 2.0
Unicode 2.1 Unicode 3.0 Unicode 3.1
Unicode 3.2 Unicode 4.0 Unicode 4.1
Unicode 5.0 Unicode 5.1 Unicode 5.2
Unicode 6.0 Unicode 6.1 Unicode 6.2
Unicode 6.3 Unicode 7.0 Unicode 8.0
Unicode 9.0
Private Use Reserved Noncharacter
Unicode characters
0000–0FFF 8000–8FFF 10000–10FFF 18000–18FFF 20000–20FFF 28000–28FFF E0000–E0FFF F0000–F0FFF F8000–F8FFF 100000–100FFF 108000–108FFF
1000–1FFF 9000–9FFF 11000–11FFF 19000-19FFF 21000–21FFF 29000–29FFF   F1000–F1FFF F9000–F9FFF 101000–101FFF 109000–109FFF
2000–2FFF A000–AFFF 12000–12FFF 1A000-1AFFF 22000–22FFF 2A000–2AFFF   F2000–F2FFF FA000–FAFFF 102000–102FFF 10A000–10AFFF
3000–3FFF B000–BFFF 13000–13FFF 1B000-1BFFF 23000–23FFF 2B000–2BFFF   F3000–F3FFF FB000–FBFFF 103000–103FFF 10B000–10BFFF
4000–4FFF C000–CFFF 14000-14FFF 1C000-1CFFF 24000–24FFF 2C000–2CFFF F4000–F4FFF FC000–FCFFF 104000–104FFF 10C000–10CFFF
5000–5FFF D000–DFFF 15000-15FFF 1D000–1DFFF 25000–25FFF 2D000–2DFFF F5000–F5FFF FD000–FDFFF 105000–105FFF 10D000–10DFFF
6000–6FFF E000–EFFF 16000–16FFF 1E000–1EFFF 26000–26FFF 2E000–2EFFF F6000–F6FFF FE000–FEFFF 106000–106FFF 10E000–10EFFF
7000–7FFF F000–FFFF 17000–17FFF 1F000–1FFFF 27000–27FFF 2F000–2FFFF   F7000–F7FFF FF000–FFFFF 107000–107FFF 10F000–10FFFF

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