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Trainz Classics Versions Table

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 List of TS12 releases with Code Build numbers dates and footnotes on upgrades  [click for table] 
Build Number Patches available Build description Release dates R: / U:
Build 46957 0: New and/or just downloaded or off DVD Initial TS2012 SP0, TS12-SP0 + Immediate Patch to Build 47059,
1: Early released of manual & auto-patch to 47059 plateau version.
2: (later) will auto-patch to 48054
via auto-patch to 48249
 Simulator Central (Planet Auran)
download release version
 U: April, 21st 2011[1]
Build 47059 auto-patched FM Build 46957
auto-patch to 48054[2]
Minor revision: TS2012 SP0+minor 1, TS12-SP0+ap1

First Common or Plateau Version
Planet Auran web download release version
and DVD Trainz2012: 10th Anniversary Edition boxed set | 

Build 57898 auto-patch to 58414 TS12 SP1 Hotfix 2 (English), TS12-SP1+hf2  R:  <br/

 U:  June 6th, 2013
 • code build 57898_to_58414[3]

Build 58414     TS12 SP1 Hotfix 3 (English),TS12-SP1+hf3  R:  June 6th, 2013, Manual patches up to TS12-SP1+hf3:[3]




  Note: Shadowarrior, JamesMoody, and Windwalkr are official N3V staff and spokespersons.  

  1. Thread: TS12 Patch 1 (47059) is live., shadowarrior, N3V Games Sys-Op; This patch turned out to be corrupted and was taken off the web and replaced by patch 2
  2. fake cite
  3. a b c TS12 SP1 Hotfix 3 and Auto-patch Now Available, by WindWalkr, Published on June 6th, 2013 02:00 AM.