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Content Creator PlusEdit

Content Creator Plus (or more often CCP on the forums) is a asset creation and editing tool envisioned as a strict syntax enforcer; a software module introduced along side 'Content Manager Plus— (CMP' in TRS2006 in fall 2005. CCP was directly launched by the CM/CMP right-click (Select-and-Do) pop-up menu until the TS2009-SP4 release in 2012. The long term benefit to CCP was that it forced strict compliance with the most up to date acceptable data model (highest TBV applicable to that install's release TBV and consequential fault testing criteria) at that era of Trainz evolution. This is a much stricter and narrower application of test hurdles and 'interpretation of acceptability', since it applies all cumulative changes up to that version. This is quite a bit different from Content Manager's fault testing which responds to a variation in the listed TBV by applying the appropriate older tests and format interpretations of the TBV standard based on the declared trainz-build.

The truth is, this combined treatment is probably N3V Games biggest mistake. For insufficient and inexplicable reasons, the programmers decided to force-feed what amount to cosmetic and unimportant 'style changes' on the user community and burden the content creators with a need to almost continually evolve a work product shelved, if they kept any raw files at all, years ago. Simpler and better for all would have been to take the routines which accommodate different TBVs mix of tags, placements and defaulted values, to allow perfectly functional digital models to be automatically updated to the standard of the CCP desired as a pre-processing step during asset commitment. This invalidates absolutely no copyrights, because the creator's original files are intact, they are just being stored into the data base with additional and relatively straightforward minor processing--a compressed .chump file (Now TANE's encrypted .tzarc) is created by historical methods no matter what,