Trainz/3DS Max Keyboard Shortcuts

3DS Max Keyboard Shortcuts

Trainz Content Creation—Intermediate to Advanced Topics
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This page renamed from: Hints and Tips for 3D Modelling Software
Editor's note: Getting to know the keyboard shortcuts in any program can speed up your efficiency and productivity. 3DS Max is no exception.
  • Many of the following will apply to GMAX too.

Hot Key Effect or action Blender equivalent
    F1   Opens 3DS Max Help  
    F2   Shade Selected Faces (on/off)  
    F3   Toggle Between Wireframe and Smooth + Highlights  
    F4   View Edged Faces  
    F9   Render Particular Viewport  
    F10   Render Scene Dialogue  
    E Select and Rotate Tool  
    H Select by Name Dialogue  
    J Selection Brackets (on/off)  
    Q Select Tool  
    R Select and Scale Tool  
    W Select and Move Tool  
    B Switch to the Bottom viewport  
    C Switch to a Camera viewport  
    F Switch to the Front viewport  
    L Switch to the Left viewport  
    P Switch to the Perspective viewport  
    R Switch to the Right viewport  
    T Switch to the Top viewport  
    D Disable Viewport  
    G Main Grid (onn/off)  
    V Open View Shortcut Menu  
    M Material Editor Dialogue  
    O Adaptive Degradation (on/off)  
    X Transform Gizmo (on/off)  
    Z Zooms in on the Current Selection  
    CTRL+A Select All  
    CTRL+D Deselect all  
    CTRL+C Create Camera From Current Viewport  
    CTRL+V Clone Object  
    CTRL+X Expert Mode (on/off)  
     ALT+C   Cut  
     ALT+L   Select Edge Loop  
     ALT+Q   Hide Unselected Objects  
     ALT+X   Display As See-Through (on/off)  
    ⇧ Shift+E   Extrude Polygon  
    ⇧ Shift+Q   Quick Render Selected Viewport  
    ⇧ Shift+Y   Redo Last Viewport Operation  
    ⇧ Shift+Z   Undo Last Viewport Operation  
    SPACE   Selection Lock (on/off)  
    1   Vertex Sub-Object Level  
    2   Edge Sub-Object Level  
    3   Border Sub-Object Level  
    4   Polygon Sub-Object Level  
    5   Element Sub-Object Level  
    7   Polygon Counter (on/off)  
    8   Environment and Effects Dialog  
    +   Increase Gizmo Size  
    -   Decrease Gizmo Size  

There are also many more. The hotkeys are customizable under the 'Customize User Interface' menu option.