Neapolitan Primer

'O tiempo


The South of Italy experiences all the seasons with all of their accompanying weather patterns. It is hot in the summer and usually cold and rainy in the winter with snow in the mountains and occasionally down below.

English Neapolitan
sun 'o sole
It's sunny. Nce sta 'o sole.
overcast truvulo
rain 'a chioggia
It's raining. Sta chiuvenno.
rainy chiovuso
drizzle schizzichea
fog 'a neglia
foggy annegliato
storm trupea
snow 'a neva
wind 'o viento
windy vientoso



Some useful weather related phrases.

English Neapolitan
What's the weather like? Ca tiempo fa?
What's it supposed to be like today? Comme sarrà ogge?
Whoa, it's raining a lot. Comme mena/ Marònna 'o ddiluvvio/ Sta facenno nu cuofano d'acqua.
When will it stop raining? Quanno fernisce chesta chioggia?
It's like really really hot. Fa nu cav'r' e pazz'
Is it always this hot in August? É sempe accussì caudo 'int' aùsto?
I didn't know it snowed here. Nun sapevo ca sciuccava ccà.