Neapolitan Primer

'E nummere edit

Cardinal edit

"One" and "two" in Neapolitan are declined, that is, they change with the gender of the object or person to which they refer-

Masculine Feminine
uno una
dduje ddoje
English Neapolitan
one uno
two dduje
three tre, tréje
four quatto
five cinche
six seje
seven sette
eight otto
nine nove
ten diece
eleven unnece
twelve dudece, durece
thirteen tridece, trìrece
fourteen quattuordece
fifteen quinnece
sixteen sìdece
seventeen dicesette, decessette
eighteen diciotto, decedotto
nineteen dicennove, decennove
twenty vinte
thirty trenta
forty quaranta
fifty cinquanta
sixty sissanta
seventy sittanta
eighty uttanta
ninety nuvanta
hundred ciento
hundred and one ciento e uno
two hundred duiciento
three hundred treciento
four hundred quattuciento
five hundred cincuciento
thousand mìlle
million nu melióne
billion nu meliardo

Ordinal edit

English Neapolitan
first primmo
second seconno
third tiérzo
fourth quarto
fifth quinto
sixth sesto
seventh settemo
eighth uttavo
ninth nono
tenth decemo
eleventh unnecesemo
twelfth dudecesemo
fourteenth quatturdicesemo
twentieth ventesemo
twenty-first ventunesemo
fortieth quarantesemo
fiftieth cinquantesemo
hundredth centesemo
thousandth millesemo