Neapolitan Primer

Mmode 'e dicere (figures of speech)

Neapolitan English (literal) English
Ttiene ‘a capa fresca s/he has a fresh head s/he is headstrong
Ttiene ‘a capa ppè spartere ‘e rrecchie s/he has a head to keep his ears apart s/he is foolish
Chell’è l’urdemmo lampione ‘e Forerotta s/he is the last lamp-post in Fuorigrotta s/he is a non-entity [Fuorigrotta is a formerly outlying quarter of Naples]
Addo’ t’avvii? Where are you going off to? Where do you think you're going? / What you just said is a flight of fancy
Facimme ‘na cosa ‘e juòrne! let’s do this by day[light]! hurry up!
Uogne ddue e ttrè Every two and three very often
Ssì brutt’ quant’ 'o ddébbit’! You are as ugly as debt You are very ugly
Ma cche staje facenn'? 'O ppane? What are you doing? Making bread? Why is this taking you so long?

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