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Gaius Julius Caesar (100-44 BC).JPG
Latin was the everyday language of the Romans and the basis of Romance languages. Studying Latin will make it easy to learn any such language. As you learn this classical language, you'll connect with Julius Caesar and many other famous Romans. Furthermore, the study of Latin will develop a firm linguistic foundation, bridging the gap between you and some of the greatest writers, scientists, and thinkers.
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Children can explore all the wild letters with their animal pals in Animal Alphabet.

Bánh mì.jpg
Bánh mì means 'wheat cake/pastry' in Vietnamese. There are many different types of bánh mì sandwiches, ranging from chunked BBQ grilled pork, sliced pork pate, and shredded grilled chicken, to grilled and smoked fish, sardine, meatball, Chinese-style sausage, and tripe.

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