This book provides the following background and support resources for users of the MagicJack VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone service. This is a collaborative effort by MagicJack users.

MagicJack 2nd generation device
MagicJack 2nd generation device
  1. Introduction
  2. History
  3. MagicJack in Practice (common user sentiment)
  4. Support Resources

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This book is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by MagicJack, LP, YMAX Corp., or any affiliates. The term "MagicJack" is a registered trademark of MagicJack LP. For information or customer support, please visit the official MagicJack website.
The information in this book is provided by MagicJack users. The quality of the information is not guaranteed. When in doubt, seek clarification on the user forums.