MagicJack/Support Resources/Requesting Help

Official support is provided via chat by MagicJack. Note that you must click a couple links to get to a page where you will be asked to search for a solution before being given the opportunity to start a chat session. You can search for anything (random characters), and then you will see a link saying "If you are not satisfied with the answer below, click here to chat with a Live Agent Representative."

For more information about MagicJack support and escalation options, see the FAQ answer How can I contact MagicJack?.

Alternative Forums edit

The following forums exist to provide user-to-user support.

Help Request Template edit

When requesting help, please be thorough. You will receive better (prompt, accurate) replies if you provide as much of the following information as possible (or you believe relevant).

  1. Is this a new-user problem? Or, did your it work and begin now doesn't? (How long did it work, and for how long have you had this problem?).
    • Have you tried restarting MagicJack? Rebooting your computer too?
  2. Do you see the USB device's blue light?
  3. Are you using a telephone connected to the MagicJack device? Or, the softphone with a headset?
    • If using a telephone, are you using a USB hub? Powered?
  4. What type of Internet do you have? (Cable, DSL, Satellite, etc.).
    • Advertised speed?
    • Actual speed obtained from a speedtest.
    • You might consider running a VOIP test. When it finishes there will be five vertical tabs on the left. Go to "Summary," click on "detailed analysis." Save the URL. This is a semi-permanent link which you can post to the forum.
  5. Do you run a software firewall and/or anti-virus (like Zone-Alarm)?
  6. Are you using a hardware router? (Brand, model?).
  7. Are you connecting to your router (or modem) wirelessly, or with a wire?
  8. Which generation of the MagicJack device are you using? (You can use these photos to identify your device.).
  9. Computer speed, memory size.
    • Which operating system and patch level (Ex. XP SP2)?
  10. If you are comfortable revealing this, which major city/cities are you near? (This may help identify proxy-specific issues.).

The above information is not applicable to all problems. But, if you provide as much as possible you're likely to receive a fast and thoughtful response. Without any of the above information, requests for help tend to be question/answer dialogues. You'll save everyone time by providing as much as you can.