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Should I just unplug my MagicJack USB device?

No. You should always use "Safely remove hardware" (from the task tray) before removing the USB device. This is because a flash drive exists on the USB device. And, the softphone opens that drive every 3 seconds with write access (for unknown reasons). It is inevitable that the drive will be corrupted if you unplug the USB device without first "Safely removing" it.
There are occasional reports of MagicJack users encountering a "Broken Storage" error. It's possible that this is caused by removing the device while the softphone is updating it (or before the operating system has flushed the cache).
There are also reports of MagicJack users losing their contacts. This data stored on the flash drive too (as AddressBook.xml).
It's better to err on the side of caution: use "Safely remove hardware."
See also: How-To: Exit Softphone, and FAQ: Can I shut down my computer without removing the USB device?

For Mac users, either:

  • A: Drag the MagicJack icon on your desktop to the trash or
  • B: Right click on the MagicJack icon on the desktop and select "Eject..."

Can I shut down my computer without removing the USB device?

It's recommended that you remove the USB device before shutting down. If you remove the device, gracefully closing the softphone, it apparently informs the MagicJack servers that you are offline. This causes the voicemail to answer immediately instead of after 4-6 rings (or worse, generating a busy signal).
You should follow the method to remove the USB device. Also be aware that shutting down with the USB device connected implies that you would boot up with it connected. This can be problematic with some computers.

Can I make test calls without bothering anyone?

You can test your MagicJack, and get an idea of what the other party hears, by calling the special echo-test number: 909-390-0003. This number will echo everything back to you with a slight delay. There is also a higher quality (HD) echo-test number: 925-259-0082.

Why do I keep hearing so much about "powered USB hubs"?

The USB 2.0 standard provides for 500ma of power. However, it seems many computer manufacturers (and even external-hub manufacturers) skimp on the amount of power they provide. There have been many complaints about handset problems apparently associated with insufficient power.
More importantly, it is theoretically possible that a demand for too much power could burn out a poorly designed USB circuit. There has been at least one report of this happening.
Therefore, an external powered USB hub would be good insurance against such damage. And, a hub with an especially high power capacity could eliminate handset-related problems.

How do I find my softphone version?

There is no exact way to determine a version. Users usually compare a few things.
  1. File versions
    • Find your mjusbsp directory (usually in a directory like /profiles/{username}/Application Data/). For the following three files, right click them, click "Properties," and the "Version" tab.
      • magicJack.dll
      • magicJack.exe
      • magicJackLoader.exe
  2. Registry version

How do I find my serial number?

Follow these instructions.

What's the difference in USB device (dongle) generations?

There are three known generations of the MagicJack USB device (also called a dongle). If your device doesn't match one of the following images, please post to one of the forums with a close-up photo.
Gen. 1
Gen 1
This device was shipped through at least May 2008. It was always differentiated from Gen 2 by the absence of a "white rectangle" behind the top of the "J".
Gen. 2
Gen 2
This device became available in May 2008. It is unclear how long it was shipped. It was openly referred to as a major revision, fixing problems such as echo. (Prior to this generation, users commonly used the TigerJet echo cancellation utility. It has been reported that this is unnecessary with this new generation.).
This generation is identified by:
  1. A large white rectangle which appears to be painted on the circuit board, behind the top of the "J".
  2. A tall, round metal thing immediately to the right of the white rectangle.
Gen. 3
Gen 3
This generation caused some confusion because those who possessed it, and never saw a Gen 2 believed they had a Gen 2 because of the small silver'ish square behind the top of the "J" (believed to be the white rectangle referred to as the distinguishing feature between Gens 1 and 2). Likewise, those who possessed a Gen 2, but never a Gen 1 believed this was a Gen 1 because it didn't have the large white rectangle described above.
It's not clear whether this device offers any improvement over Gen 2, or whether it is just an engineering change to reduce manufacturing costs. It may be more appropriate to refer to this generation as 2a.
It is best identified by:
  1. A small silver'ish square behind the top of the "J", with solder points on both sides.
  2. No tall, round metal thing immediately to the right. Just a largely empty space.
Gen 4
This can be seen by a little "tree" like symbol above the "k" in "MagicJack".
MagicJack rev4-01
MagicJack rev4-02
Gen 2.5?
I have a MJ that is still working without MJMD5 it is similar to to the Gen3 pictured here except it is missing resistor R7 (bank of resistors in the upper left. 5th resistor in from left to right)like the Gen2 device is also missing

Why does (or doesn't) my softphone start automatically?

In the user forums, some people describe starting the softphone by plugging in the MagicJack USB device. Others refer to using a shortcut to start it. The difference is that the latter group of people have disabled Windows "autorun" feature.
The USB device presents itself as a CD-ROM. This is why autorun detects it and automatically starts it. Some people disable this feature because of possible security risks. In this case, they have to start MagicJack using the shortcut on the desktop which MagicJack automatically creates.

Can I use MagicJack with satellite, muni-wifi, cellular (EVDO) broadband?

Probably not. These forms of communication suffer from latency, which VOIP is susceptible to.
However, there have been reports of it working.
You can try a VOIP speed test to see how your connection scores. Be sure to wait for the five vertical tabs on the right side. Go to the summary tab, and look at the "detailed analysis." This is more important than the summary information. It will show you the actual delay and speed, not just the "max." The averages can be more important than the max.

Can I use MagicJack with dial-up internet?

Probably not. MagicJack requires 100kbs up and down. Dial up is less than that, with potentially high latency.

Can I use a cordless phone with my MagicJack?

Yes, you can. However, cordless phones operating at 2.4GHz are known to interfere with Wi-Fi wireless B/G networks (IEEE b/g operating at 2.4GHz). Cordless phones operating at 5.8GHz or higher will not interfere with Wi-Fi. If any computers in your house use wireless connections to your router, you should carefully consider which frequency of cordless phone that you use.

Do I need to open ports through my firewall?

The following sub-section is for novice users so they can better understand the concepts and terminology used in this answer. If you're familiar with routers and networking, skip to the next sub-section.
Concepts and terminology
A router separates the network into a Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN). The WAN is often called "the internet," "extranet" or "public network." The LAN is often called "the intranet" or "private network."
This separation allows multiple computers in the LAN, with their own private IP addresses (usually in the 192.168.x.x range) to share one public IP address (usually assigned by your service provider). This is accomplished using Network Address Translation (NAT). A way to map traffic intended for one destination back to its originator (on your LAN).
NAT (and other router features) prevent computers on the WAN from opening (initiating) connections to computers on the LAN. To allow this kind of access, routers provide a feature called "port forwarding." A rule can be written specifying the criteria for the WAN-initiated connection (such as the port on the WAN side of the firewall), and which LAN computer it should be forwarded to. This is called "opening a port" and essentially bypasses your firewall.
Most software is written to initiate (open) a connection from the LAN computer to the WAN computer. Therefore, many people never have to open ports (WAN to LAN).
Routers also allow security-conscious users to eliminate access from the LAN to the WAN except for ports that are explicitly allowed. This is common in business environments. But, uncommon for users of consumer-grade routers.

The question of opening ports
This topic is a source of significant confusion for the following reasons:
  • "Opening ports" is commonly understood to mean opening ports from the WAN into your LAN. But, less commonly, it can also mean opening ports from your LAN to the WAN when access to the internet has been intentionally restricted.
  • Some consumer-grade routers have buggy firmware. They often work with MagicJack by disabling the firewall, or forwarding ports from the WAN to the LAN, (perhaps large ranges of ports), which is equivalent to disabling the firewall (to various degrees).
  • MagicJack support tells customers to open some ports, but not all ports used by MagicJack.
The confusion occurs because those who recommend opening ports rarely qualify their suggestion to indicate why, or under what circumstances they've seen this necessary.
The first thing to understand is: MagicJack's servers open no ports on your computer. All connections are initiated by the MagicJack softphone to MagicJack servers. This means there is never a reason to open ports (port forwarding) from the WAN to the LAN.
The only people who have benefited from opening ports (port forwarding) from WAN to LAN are those with buggy router firmware, as described below.
Restrictive access to the WAN
Consumer routers normally allow unrestricted access to the WAN by default. Some users (and corporate environments) with a strong sense of security will block all access to the WAN, allowing only explicitly-defined access. These users must "open ports" (undo their uncommon restriction) to allow access from the LAN to the WAN. (This is not port forwarding, WAN to LAN access.). These users should read the background concerning servers MagicJack connects to.

Buggy router firmware
Some consumer-grade routers have buggy firmware. Something about MagicJack's traffic confuses their NAT processing. This has been reported the most by users of newer Linksys routers, coinciding with a report of a known problem with Linksys WRT54G router firmware, v. 5 and above. (The problems reported are usually calls terminated after exactly 30 seconds, and the phone ringing indefinitely after a call has been answered by voice mail. See the FAQ Answer: why do my calls disconnect?).
The easiest way to determine whether your router has buggy firmware is to eliminate your router by connecting directly to the modem. Otherwise, disable your router (often done by enabling "DMZ" mode for the IP address of the LAN computer running MagicJack). See the warning below.
If your router firmware is buggy, the possible solutions are:
  1. Upgrade the router's firmware to the latest version found on the manufacturer's product page (web site).
  2. Replace the router's firmware with an open source firmware such as Tomato or DD-WRT. (The added benefit of this solution is that you will have additional features, including robust QoS to improve sound quality.).
  3. Buy a different router.
  4. Open ports (port forwarding, WAN to LAN) on your router, or enable DMZ mode. (See the warning below.).
The option to open ports (either selectively, or using DMZ mode) is just to bypass the router's buggy NAT translation. It is not because MagicJack servers initiate connections.
To selectively open ports, you should familiarize yourself with the background concerning servers MagicJack connects to. You will see that there are a very large number of ports that may require opening. The more ports you open, the more it's like disabling your firewall (see the warning below).
One user of a buggy Linksys router reported a workaround using only one open port: The port which the MagicJack softphone connects to on the LAN side of the router when the softphone is idle (not in a call). His solution was to use TCPview to see the connections made by "MagicJack.exe". Two or more of those connections will be to a port with a very high number (30000 to 70000) in the "Local Address" column. Using that port number, go into your router and use the "Port Forwarding" to forward that port to the IP address of the computer running the MagicJack softphone.
This solution makes no sense and demonstrates the buggy nature of some newer Linksys routers. It treats an internal (LAN) port as an external (WAN) port. There is no actual traffic to forward on that WAN port. It's just a way to trick the router's buggy firmware.
The benefit of this solution is that you only have to open one port, reducing your risk to external (WAN) threats. The downside is that you'll have to do this every time you start MagicJack because the port changes.

Warning: Running without a router (or in DMZ mode) can expose your computer(s) to external threats resulting in viruses, spambot and spyware infestation. Depending upon your tolerance for risk and how long you operate without the router, you may want to use a software firewall on every computer exposed to the WAN.

How can I contact MagicJack?

MagicJack provides an unadvertised phone number for billing support but no mailing address or phone number for technical support. Technical support is provided exclusively by chat. Note that you must click a couple links to get to a page where you are asked to search for a solution before having the opportunity to start a chat session. You can search for anything, and then you will see a link saying "If you are not satisfied with the answer below, click here to chat with a Live Agent Representative."
The best advice for using MagicJack chat support is to be prepared for a long chat session. Don't get angry or frustrated. Keep in mind that the chat rep is probably just as frustrated to repeat the same pointless scripted suggestions as you are to hear them. It is a formality they are required to do before escalating a problem, or providing a replacement. If you're not in the right frame of mind, you'll only waste your own time. You might as well wait to start the chat until you're in the right mood, with a lot of free time.
When using support chat, it has been reported that customers have the right to request escalation. This may be useful if, after spending 3 hours going through the standard scripted resolutions the problem isn't resolved. If you request escalation you'll be sent to a chat supervisor. From there you can ask that your issue be escalated to the engineering staff. You may not get a tracking number, nor any further contact. You may have to continue going back to chat support asking for an update to what you already escalated.
It has also been reported that users with no resolution were able to get a resolution merely by contacting chat support a few hours (or days) later. It appears that the quality of the support you receive depends on which chat rep you get. Or, perhaps they keep a log of your requests, and eventually realize you're not going away.
Also, it has been reported that users who go back for unresolved problems are put through the 3-hour scripted process each time they go back. It has been noted by one user that simply acting like you're following their instructions can be an effective stress-reducer. You can just say "ok, I've done that. What's next?" Let them go through their exercise which they're required to follow.
Contact info

Although MagicJack does not provide this information to customers, the following business address and phone numbers may be useful if you need to escalate a problem further:
Mailing Address
MagicJack LP
PO Box 6846
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
Contact: Peter Russo - CFO
Street Address
5700 Georgie Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
Main Office: (561) 594-2140. This is just a recording telling you where to get support, you can leave a message if you want.
Alternate: (561) 722-0433 Facsimile (561) 586-2328
Financial Support: (281) 404-1551 open from 11am to 8pm EST
As a last resort, some people have reported success emailing the founder:
Spam-resistant email address.

12/26/2011 UPDATE: MagicJack has new telephone support numbers - (561) 594-9787 for subscriber technical support, and (561) 594-9925 for customer billing support.



How do I personalize my voice mail greeting?

Call your MagicJack number . When the menu starts press 0 to get to mailbox options.
Press 1 to record your unavailable message .

How do I block caller ID?

MagicJack does not provide for caller ID blocking on outbound calls.
You can however use the downloadable "Skyjack" software plugin for magicJack to place your outbound call via Skype. Your caller id will not be displayed to the other party.

How do I enable caller ID with name display?

MagicJack does not provide for caller ID name display. It will only display the caller's number.
You can however use the downloadable "Magicfeatures" software plugin for magicJack. Both the caller's number and name are displayed.

How do I enable call waiting caller id?

MagicJack does not provide call waiting caller id at all.
You can however use the downloadable "Magicfeatures" software plugin for magicJack. For call waiting situations, both the caller's number and name are displayed.
You can also use the voice mail-to-email setting in your account to have messages and their caller id sent to your email.

How do I enable 7 digit local area dialing?

MagicJack only supports full 10 or 11 digit dialing for calls within North America.
You can however use the downloadable "Magicfeatures" software plugin for magicJack. For local calls in your own area code only 7 digits need to be dialed.
"Magicfeatures" will only work while the MagicJack dongle is connected to a PC and the PC is running Magicfeatures. Magicfeatures does not work on a standalone MagicJack.

How do I set up speed dialing?

MagicJack does not support speed dialing from your phone.
You can however use the downloadable "Magicfeatures" software plugin for magicJack. You can program up to 50 speed dial numbers.

How do I block anonymous callers?

MagicJack does not support anonymous call blocking.
You can however use the downloadable "Magicfeatures" software plugin for magicJack. One of the features includes the ability to block anonymous callers.
As of November 2011, MagicJack blocks all anonymous caller ID by default, and has stated that this cannot be changed. Incoming calls must unblock caller ID or they are played a MagicTalk advertisement message, then informed that the call cannot be connected. There is no explanation given in the outgoing message, just a recommendation to contact the caller's own customer support.
Globalstar doesn't deliver CID. Most phone systems let you punch in a number to bypass 'no CID reject". MagicJack doesn't so you can't call MagicJack lines from Globalstar.

How do I enable do not disturb?

MagicJack does not provide a do not disturb feature.
You can however use the downloadable "Magicfeatures" software plugin for magicJack that includes a do not disturb feature that can be turned on and off.

How do I enable selective call blocking / rejection?

MagicJack does not provide a selective call blocking / rejection feature.
You can however use the downloadable "Magicfeatures" software plugin for magicJack that includes a selective call rejection feature to block a list of callers you specify.

How do I enable selective call acceptance / priority calls only ?

MagicJack does not provide a selective call acceptance / priority calls only feature.
You can however use the downloadable "Magicfeatures" software plugin for magicJack that includes a selective call acceptance / priority calls only feature. Only callers that on a list you specify are put through and all other calls are sent to voice mail.

How do I enable distinctive / priority ringing?

MagicJack does not provide a distinctive / priority ringing feature.
You can however use the downloadable "Magicfeatures" software plugin for magicJack that includes a distinctive / priority ringing feature. You simply specify the list of numbers and calls from those numbers will receive a distinct ringing cadence making them easily identifiable. There is also a priority call waiting feature so you are alerted of important calls that are waiting.

How do I cancel call waiting?

MagicJack does not provide any way to do this.
You can however use the downloadable "Magicfeatures" software plugin for magicJack. Just dial 70 before the number you wish to call. Call waiting can also be fully disabled for all calls.

How can I record phone call conversations?

MagicJack does not provide any way to do this.
You can however use the downloadable "Magicfeatures" software plugin for magicJack. Just dial *** at any time during an incoming or outgoing call to start recording.

How can I hook up an external answering machine?

Just set your answering machine to pick up after 3 rings.
You can however use the downloadable "Magicfeatures" software plugin for magicJack. It provides a double ringing feature that helps maximize the amount of time available for answering machine pickup before calls roll over to voice mail.

How can I disable the Voice Mail timeout?

The delay before voicemail answers the call can be set anywhere from 5 seconds to 3 minutes with the online control panel at This is located in the "Call Features / Voicemail On/Off/Delay" section.
You can however use the free MagicRingForever plug-in to creatively disable the Voice Mail timeout allowing continuous ringing.

How can I enable call forwarding?

Just log into your magicJack web based account and enable the call forwarding feature. You must log in again to disable it.
You can however use the downloadable "Magicfeatures" software plugin for magicJack Just dial 72/73 to enable and disable call forwarding.

How do I do 3-way calling?

MagicJack does not allow you to do 3-way calling with calls you initiate. However, you can do 3-way calling if the other parties call you.
  1. Have both parties call you.
  2. With one party on the line, and one on hold (using call waiting), simply press ## to start a three-way call.
  3. Press #* to end the three-way call.

Can I disable 911?

The closest you can come to disabling MagicJack's Enhanced 911 is to provide an address that is completely invalid. Follow these steps:
  1. At the bottom of the softphone, click on the window showing the 911 address, and click "Add a New Location."
  2. Login.
  3. Provide an address that is completely invalid (and indicates your intention). For example:
    • Street Number: 911
    • Street Name: I am disabling it
    • Street Type: Alley (because it's required)
    • City: Disable 911
    • Zip: 00000
    • Additional Detail: Disable 911
After saving this address, and making it the currently-selected address in your softphone, the 911 indicator will turn yellow. According to MagicJack tech. support, this means there will be no response to a 911 call.

How can I find available area codes and prefixes?

There are two ways to do this.
  1. If you are a MagicJack customer, you can go to your account portal and follow the links to change your phone number. You can take this as far as to see available area codes and prefixes before committing to change your number.
  2. Type in where xxx is the three-digit area code, like for Washington, DC or for the "loop" area of downtown Chicago, etc. Wikipedia has a complete list of area codes and often has prefixes or has links to resources that list prefixes.

How can I keep my existing number and port it over to MagicJack?

There are cheap alternatives though, that would allow you to keep your existing number for incoming calls, and then you could still use your MagicJack for outgoing calls.

Added 12/1/2011- You need to contact your phonce service to make sure they will release your number. Then you sign up with MagicJack for a random number and change it in your account under "My Subscriptions". You can chat online with a live "agent" (I believe it was a computer) and they can help you but the key is, signing up first with a random number.



How do I fix common handset problems?

If you use a handset attached to the MagicJack device, and you have trouble
  1. Numbers pressed on the handset keypad (tones) not recognized by the softphone.
  2. Incoming calls don't cause phone to ring.
  3. People you call can't hear you, or of low volume.
  4. No caller id displayed on a (caller id-capable) handset.
The first thing to check is the softphone's Menu->Telephone/Headset setting. Be sure it's set for Telephone. This setting can be changed either by Menu->switch to phone (you'll see option as "switch to headset" if it's set for phone) or by Menu->Volume/Headset Control dialog box. This setting apparently changes to headset if softphone is run without MJ dongle present.
The second thing to check is the softphone's Menu->Volume/Headset Control. Be sure the microphone volume is turned up. Experiment with different speaker and microphone volumes, as the perfect setting is specific to your individual machine/handset. MagicJack recommends that both of them be 1/3 of the volume. It has been experienced that the volume setting can inexplicably change. (Perhaps due to other programs changing the sound card's line-in volume, affecting other applications.). Also, if possible, check the volume settings on your handset/headset.
To isolate problems, try the softphone with a headset connected to the computer's speaker/mic jacks. If you can make successful calls, this indicates the problem is specific to the handset, USB device and/or USB port.
Handset issues
Different handsets have different power requirements. Try a different handset. Particularly helpful may be handsets with their own (AC-adapter) power source, such as wireless base stations. (But, if you connect to your router wirelessly, be careful to use wireless phones that use a frequency which won't interfere with wi-fi.).
Some telephones seem to be sensitive to the MagicJack device as it pertains to caller ID.
See the FAQ answer: Why doesn't my handset display caller ID?.
USB power issues
This is a common problem which appears to be the MagicJack USB power requirement is more than the host device can supply power to it.
  1. If MagicJack is plugged into a desktop computer or laptop, try using another USB port or powered USB hub.
  2. If MagicJack is plugged into a USB hub, try using another USB hub that is powered by an AC wall adapter.
  3. If MagicJackPlus is plugged into a USB AC wall adapter, try using another USB AC wall adapter. It is recommended to try a USB AC wall adapter that is meant for a tablet, since most can source up to 2 Amps. Users have reported problems with the USB AC wall adapter that was shipped with the MagicJack.[1]
Using a powered USB hub is often reported to fix handset problems. However, be aware that not all powered hubs are created equal. They too can skimp on power. If a powered hub doesn't fix the problem, try it without anything else connected to the hub. Consider the power capacity which should be printed on the AC adapter. And, try another hub.
See also the FAQ: Why do I keep hearing so much about "powered USB hubs?".
USB issues can also contribute to "choppy voice." See the How-To: Choppy voice, Specific to using a handset.
Connector issues
It has been reported by a few people that the pig-tail USB cable supplied with MagicJack (as of late 2008) isn't high quality and may cause problems with handset usage.
This connector problem can result in mysterious shutdown (and perhaps restart) of the softphone. See the FAQ: Why does my softphone stop (or restart)?. This is not specific to using a handset, but may be aggravated by the fact that using a handset may cause more movement of the USB device.
A quick test is to connect the USB device directly to a USB port. Or, use another USB extension cable of higher quality.

Why doesn't my handset display caller ID?

It could be related to insufficient power to the USB device. See this FAQ answer concerning powered USB hubs.
Also see this workaround involving a homemade RJ11 connector and a 100k-ohm resister.
The downloadable Magicfeatures Plugin for magicJack provides a proper permanent fix to the real underlying caller id display problem. It also provides full caller id name display support with real time online reverse number lookup as well as call waiting caller id support.
Note: The 12/17/2008 upgrade seemed to cause this fix to stop working for some people. It was later reported that experimenting with different resisters helped, and one person reported a 220k-ohm resister worked. Also one report that the USB device's case may contribute to this problem, and that wrapping electrical tape around the device's case helped.

How do I fix choppy (garbled/robot) voice?

This is caused by not enough CPU power, using wireless, bandwidth competition (which is helped using QoS), or the MagicJack proxy you are connected to (which can be tested using finding and changing your proxy.
For a complete walkthrough, see the How-To: Fix choppy voice.

How do I fix echo problems?

Echo was a greater problem with the first generation of MagicJack devices sold prior to May 2008. An echo cancellation utility was used to reduce echo. The new generation(s) have anti-echo features built into the device. (See FAQ Answer: What's the difference in USB device (dongle) generations?).
However, it's possible to still hear echo using new generations of the device. These are possible solutions:
  1. Go into the softphone's Menu (in the system tray near the clock) ->Volume/Headset control and turn the microphone volume down.
  2. When dialing the number, use a star (*) in the second position. For example, if you were going to dial 555-555-5555, dial 5*55-555-5555.
    • Be aware that the softphone may try to dial the number before you enter the last digit. You may have to go to your "Calls" history, single click the failed call so it fills into the text entry field, add the last digit, and then click "Send."
    • Notes:
  3. Handset users have reported mixed results using a DSL filter between the MagicJack USB device and the handset.
  4. In headset mode to remove echo, instead of using the computer speakers, use headphones and your regular regular microphone.

Why can't I call certain numbers?

This problem affects a few people. It's not understood why. One workaround is:
  1. When dialing the number, use a star (*) in the second position. For example, if you were going to dial 555-555-5555, dial 5*55-555-5555.
    • Be aware that the softphone may try to dial the number before you enter the last digit. You may have to go to your "Calls" history, single click the failed call so it fills into the text entry field, add the last digit, and then click "Send."
    • Note that this * trick used to be referred to as the *67 trick. However, the latter stopped functioning after an upgrade late Dec. 2008, when it was found * works.
  2. Magicjack can't call "high cost" surcharged numbers such as chat lines or conference lines, as well as 900 or 976 numbers, and some surcharged exchanges in Alaska which are subject to high-cost connection rates. If you have a cell phone you can probably call them at no extra cost. If you really want to call one of these numbers from Magic Jack, you can buy international minutes and use those.
Note: that the * trick may also be a workaround for echo problems.

Why do my calls disconnect?

If you connect to your router wirelessly, this could be due to wireless interference. To eliminate this as a possible cause, connect to your router using a wire (and be sure you're actually connecting with the wire by disabling your wireless connection either on your computer, or in your router's admin screen).
This wireless sub-topic related to choppy/garbled voice is relevant.
30-second inbound disconnect
This problem is reported occasionally. It seems to be related to newer Linksys routers with buggy firmware, an inability to handle Network Address Translation (NAT) properly. The only way to find out if you're affected by this problem is to bypass your router and connect directly to your cable/DSL modem. Be aware that this can expose you to external threats which a router protects you from. You shouldn't do it (for long) without a software firewall.
For more information, see the FAQ Answer: Do I need to open ports through my router?, buggy router firmware.
In addition to the 30-second disconnect, users of newer Linksys routers have reported a problem where the phone keeps ringing even after it was answered by voice mail. Two people reported this problem, and that, like the 30-second disconnect, it could only be fixed by eliminating the firewall (putting the router in a DMZ, etc.).

Why can't I boot with the USB device connected?

The BIOS of computers contains an option to choose the "boot devices" or "boot sequence." This contains the devices which should be attempted to be booted from, and the order they should be attempted. However, some BIOS/computer manufacturers implemented this feature before it was perfected. It's not uncommon for computers to hang on a non-bootable USB device. You should go into your BIOS (the keys to press during boot should be displayed on the screen, usually "Delete" or "F2" or "F12") and either remove USB devices from the list of bootable devices, or move that choice lower than the device you want to boot from.

Also, booting with the USB device connected implies that you shut down with it connected. Be aware that that can cause problems too.

Why does my softphone stop (or restart)?

This is usually due to a poor fit between the pig-tail connector and the USB device. Movement can cause the connection to be lost, as if you unplugged the USB device.
You may hear the familiar "bee-boop" sound when USB hardware is removed (and maybe added). If you disabled autorun, the softphone will notice the softphone shut down for no reasons. Otherwise, you may notice that it seems to restart for no reason.
A quick test is to connect the USB device directly to a USB port. Or, use another USB extension cable of higher quality.

Why can't I reach voice mail?

This is a common problem on MagicJack's servers. It can only be fixed by MagicJack. However, it seems that chat support is unfamiliar with it. This means you'll be put through hours of scripted diagnostics to fix your system when the problem has nothing to do with your system. You should read the instructions for escalating support issues which includes suggestions for escalating and pretending to follow their scripted responses just to satisfy their requirements.
A workaround is to add your MagicJack phone number to the softphone's "Contacts," and add three asterisks (***) to the end of that number. It's been reported that this will get you into voice mail. And, also solves problems calling other MagicJack phone numbers.
Alternatively, log on to your MagicJack account, go to "My Numbers" Tab. Add an additional email and password for your voice mail. It would appear that having two email addresses for your voice mail, now makes selection of your first email address effective. This action also enables the user to now access the vmail, and receive voice mail via email.
MagicJack has at least one time issued a number which was already assigned to another party. If you can call out, but cannot receive calls or access voicemail it may be because the number issued was hijacked. You may need to call the number several times throughout the day to see if someone answers the line. If this is the case, you will need to advise tech support that the number is issued to another party and escalate the call to the Engineers to get the number changed for free. Be aware it will take an un-determined amount of time but is routinely resolved within 48 hours.

Cannot see my contact in MagicJack after logging in. contact list will just inform you "downloading contact please wait"

SYMPTOMS - you will be able to successfully log in to MagicJack but you wont be able to see your contact after a few day 1 or 2 day it will became a 401 error
SOLUTION - updating the driver of your lan or wifi device from the original manufacturer of the device. EX. your motherboard brand is MSI,ASUS,intel and etc and the Lan/ethercard brand manufacturer realtek,Cnet and etc you should download latest driver on their site not the motherboard site they have the latest driver update for that device.

Known issue "windows 7 environment"- MSI H55M-E23 with a realtek RTL8111x lan. "you will have no internet issue just MagicJack on v7.043 driver and you will be wondering if its a firewall blocking MagicJack " MagicJack using lan/ethercard v7.043 driver MagicJack will not be able to download your contact.



How can I place Google Voice calls with my regular or cordless phone?


How can I place Skype calls with my regular or cordless phone?

Use the downloadable "Skyjack" software plugin to enable Skype calling.

How can I call using a different phone provider like CallCentric, SipGate, VoipBuster or connect to an Asterisk PBX?

Use the downloadable "Xlitejack" software plugin to enable X-Lite SIP calling.

How do I find/change my proxy?

To find out which proxy you use, see the How-To: Find your proxy.
To change the proxy you use, see the How-To: Change your proxy.

Can I use the magicJack service with my ATA?

According to the magicJack Terms of Service, you cannot. However, on January 6th, a hacker by the name of stroths cracked the magicJack encryption, and posted his tool here. With this tool, you are able to get your SIP password.

UPDATE: As of the June 2009 update, MagicJack has changed their authentication algorithm, in order to use ATA or other devices, a special authentication proxy is necessary. Programmers have developed a "man in the middle" proxy to pass the authentication.

UPDATE: As of the October 2010 update, MagicJack has once again plugged the hole thus not allowing authentication in the aforementioned "man in the middle" proxy rendering ATA's useless. There are no foreseen plans to further hack and provide an exploit to the latest MJ update (as of early December 2010).

Can I stop the popup dialer window?


Can I stop the splash screen?

Yes. See the How-To: Bypass Splash Screen.
You can also just install the Magicsilence plugin ( It will also stop the popup windows and keep your applications focused when a call arrives.

Can I run the softphone without the USB device?

Yes. This is often referred to as "dongleless." See the How-To MJ Without Dongle.

Can MagicJack be used while connected to a VPN?

Yes. See the How-To: Coexist with a VPN.

Can I change the drive letters used by MagicJack?

Yes. See the How-To: Assign Drive Letters.

How do I uninstall?

MagicJack now provides an uninstall feature as a separate standalone program.. It can also be found by using magicJack's official FAQ and searching on the word "uninstall". Some have reported that some registry keys may be left behind, but they seem to be harmless.
Prior to the availability of this program, instructions were written and published on the Internet. However, editing your registry can be dangerous.
See also MagicJack/Support Resources/How-To/Completely Remove MJ

Now you can uninstall the MagicJack from the Add/Remove Programs through Control panel

  1. MagicJack Plus FIXED (by using a better USB AC wall adapter); YouTube.