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The method mentioned below is the "harsh" method of closing any process in windows. I have discovered that if you just use the command magicjack /exit either in a command line window, shortcut, or batch file then the MagicJack Softphone will shut down.


The MagicJack softphone does not have an "exit" option. Therefore, the proper way to exit the softphone is to use the "Safely remove hardware" tool in the task tray. (See FAQ answer: Should I just unplug my USB device?).).

However, there may be times when you simply want to exit the softphone (perhaps to restart it later) without safely removing and re-inserting the USB device. Or, some users choose to run MagicJack without the USB device. In this case, they have no way to exit the softphone without going into the Windows Task Manager (alt-cntl-delete to find it) and ending the magicjack.exe process. (See the How-To: MagicJack Without Dongle.).

In such cases, the following may be useful:

  1. Create a shortcut on your desktop named "Exit MagicJack."
    • Right click on your Desktop, New, and Shortcut
  2. In the shortcut "Target" or "Location" field use the following:
    # XP uses "tskill"
    tskill.exe magicjack
    # Vista uses "taskkill"
    taskkill /f /IM magicjack.exe
  3. Select "Minimized" in the "Run" field
    • You may have to finish creating the shortcut, then right click it, and choose Properties before having a chance to set this value.

Now, you should be able to double click that shortcut to cause your softphone to exit. Restart it using the icon on your desktop which MagicJack should have placed there when it first installed.

Warning: Be aware that killing the softphone may prevent it from communicating its new status to the MJ server. See the FAQ answer: Can I shut down my computer without removing the USB Device?

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