MagicJack is an incredibly inexpensive telephone service, costing as low as $1.39 per month[1] for free calls to the US and Canada.



MagicJack includes:

  • MagicJack PLUS is now available that runs in a stand alone mode without the need of a computer.
  • A US phone number in any available area code. Many are available.
  • Customizable voice mail. The voice mail system will mail new voice msgs to your email as a .wav file. The customer does not have to run MagicJack for the voice mail system to answer calls.
  • Call waiting.
  • Caller ID.
  • Number porting is now supported (the ability to bring your number with you to MagicJack, and leave MagicJack with your number).
  • Free long distance to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. (For most people, this will appear to be unlimited. However, it appears MagicJack is developing limits.).
  • International numbers can be called after purchasing minutes.
  • Enhanced 911 (E9-1-1) service.



MagicJack is especially useful for traveling. It can be taken to anywhere broadband internet access exists and used transparently as if it were at the US location associated with the chosen area code. People can call the customer's phone number, and the customer will receive the call wherever they are. And, the customer can place calls while outside the US as if they were inside the US.

Landline Replacement


Many Magicjack users have successfully used MagicJack to replace their landline saving $200 to $500 a year. Considerations such as 911 service, and the need for reliable telephone access should always be taken into consideration. However, for many, they have been able to do this using a cell phone and/or other pay-as-you-go VOIP services [2] as a backup service.

International Use


International calls can be made after minutes are purchased (through your account portal). For current rates, see MagicJack's Knowledgebase page.

MagicJack can be taken to foreign countries (that don't block VOIP) and used in the same way as in the United States or Canada. The fact that the user is outside the US is transparent to callers, and anyone the user calls.

  • It is common for individuals with friends and relatives outside the US to purchase a MagicJack, register it, and mail it to the individual outside the US. Essentially giving their foreign acquaintance a US phone number which can be called toll-free. Also, the ability of their foreign acquaintance to call the US toll-free.
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  2. vbuzzer, Skype, voipvoip