MagicJack was widely sold while in "beta" status from mid-2007 to March 2008. It was popular among the internet "geek" crowd. Since then it has been considered "General Availability," and marketed to the average computer user via infomercials and brick-and-mortar retail stores.



There are four known generations of the MagicJack USB device (also referred to as a dongle or analog telephony adapter (ATA). A FAQ article discusses their differences and how to identify them. The fourth generation is the MagicJack PLUS which has an Ethernet port for stand alone operation.



There has been two types of packaging which were associated with the first two generations. However, it has been reported that the original plastic clam-shell packaging is being used for new generation devices in retail stores.

See these images of the various packaging:

MagicJack in the news


The following are important interviews with the MagicJack founder, possibly indicating the future direction of the service:

  • "Making Sense of MagicJack's Math" Telephony Online, Feb 2, 2009 (Speculation on MagicJack's contribution to incumbent landline subscriber loss, see founder's reader response to article, referring to imminent release of a "femtocell" product.).