MagicJack/Support Resources/New users

The following are topics which commonly arise among new users.

Voice Mail edit

Accessing your voice mail (and customizing greetings) is described here.

How to remove the MagicJack device edit

Windows users should always use "Safely remove hardware." Please see this FAQ article for more information.

Powered USB hubs edit

It's such a common recommendation to use a powered USB hub, that you might as well get this topic under your belt by reviewing: Why do I keep hearing so much about "powered USB hubs"?.

Redemption of extra years edit

If you purchased extra years, be sure to watch for the email containing the redemption code, and to redeem it in your account portal. If you don't receive it, check your spam filters to see if it was intercepted. There are occasional complaints of users who didn't receive the redemption code (or didn't understand its significance), and it doesn't become apparent until their first year expires.

30-day Trial edit

The 30-day trial generates a fair share of confusion among new users. To minimize surprises, be aware of the following:

  • The 30-day trial begins the day you order, not the day you receive the device, its better to buy at a store and activate to insure that you get the full 30-day trial.
  • You may be charged before the end of the 30-day trial if you purchased extra years, so-called expedited handling, or more than one MagicJack. And, you may be charged (or funds reserved) if you used a debit card.

Requesting help edit

See the page Requesting Help, and especially the information on that page about information commonly requested when someone asks for help. All too often someone will post "why people can't hear me?" leading to a dozen questions for clarification (Did this start after a period of no problem? is a handset used? Do you use a router? Did you check your volume setting? Do you use a powered hub?). Providing too much information is better than too little. It will save everyone time, and possibly lead to more responses, and better ones.