Levantine Arabic

Levantine Arabic is a group of mutually intelligible dialects spoken in the Levant region of Western Asia.

Distribution of Levantine Arabic.

It can be divided in North Levantine (spoken in Syria, Lebanon and parts of Turkey) and South Levantine (spoken in Jordan, Israel and Palestine). Levantine is also known as Amiya (العامية, al-ʿāmmiyya, meaning "colloquial")[1] or as Shami (شامي‎, šāmi, meaning "Levantine"). It can also be designated by the name of one of its main dialects: Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian, or Jordanian.

This beginners course covers the urban accents of both variants. Where words or the pronunciation differ, they are marked wit (N) for North and (S) for South Levantine.

Lessons cover grammar and vocabulary so that you can learn Levantine from scratch.

Basics and grammarEdit



  1. Also spelled Ammiya, Amiyya, Ammiyya, 'Ammiyya, 'Ammiya, Amiyah, Ammiyah, Amiyyah, or Ammiyyah


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