Tenses edit

Tense Example Usage
past tense عمل ʕimel he did /
he has done
subjunctive يعمل yaʕmel he ... (to) do - after another verb or pseudo-verb
- after conjuctions introducing the subjunctive
present tense بيعمل byaʕmel he does /
he is doing
- general facts
- habitual or recurring actions
- ongoing actions (instead of present progressive)
- future actions (instead of future tense)
progressive عم يعمل ʕam yaʕmel he is doing - ongoing actions (not for verbs of motion)
future tense رح يعمل raḥ yaʕmel
حيعمل ḥa-yaʕmel
he will do
imperative عمول ʕmōl (N)
بيعمل 'aʕmel (S)

Participles edit

Participle Example Usage
active participle عامل ʕāmel (is) doing - ongoing actions for verbs of motion
- current state for verbs of perception
passive participle معمول maʕmūl (is) done - expressing the passive voice

Compound tenses edit

Formation Example Usage
كان (kān) + past tense كان عمل kān ʕimel he had done
كان (kān) + subjuctive
كان (kān) + active participle
كان يعمل kān yaʕmel
كان عامل kān ʕāmel
he used to do /
he was doing
كان (kān) + progressive كان عم يعمل kān ʕam yaʕmel he was doing
كان (kān) + future tense كان رح يعمل kān raḥ yaʕmel he was going to do