Levantine Arabic/Questions

Interrogative pronouns edit

مين mīn who
لمين la-mīn whose
شو šū
إيش 'ēš (South)
لشو la-šu for what
ليش lēš why
أيّ 'ayy
أنو 'anū (masc.)
أني 'anī (fem.)
إيمتى 'ēmta when
وين wēn where
لوين la-wēn where to
من وين min wēn
منين mnēn
where from
كيف kīf
شلون šlōn (Syria)
قدّيش 'addēš how much
كم kam how many
كل قدّيش kull/kill 'addēš
كم مرّة kam marra
how often

In Lebanese the variants ليه (lē, “why”), قدّيه ('addē, “how much”) and إمتى ('imta, “when”) are also common, which are shared with Egyptian Arabic.

Yes-no questions edit

In order to turn a statement into a simple yes-no questions, the intonation is rising at the end of the sentence.