Jánua Linguárum Reseráta

Jánua Linguárum Reseráta by Author:John Amos Comenius


The Jánua Linguárum Reseráta is a famous and very influential educational text by John Amos Comenius from 1633. It presented Latin and other languages in parallel text to help children learn Latin, particularly by presenting them with a wide vocabulary. Today, it is less well known than Comenius' Orbis Pictus, but contains some similar texts, along with more advanced passages.

This book currently contains the Vestibulum (portal) section. Other digitised versions are available but have not been converted to editable text but rather are unedited scans.

The version presented here includes some very light editing, and a more modern English translation. Modern 's' characters are used, but æ is kept. The Latin marks long vowels with an acute accent (á, é, í, ó, ú, ý) – these are equivalent to macrons. The original text used a variety of accent markers or none.

Note that some words and spellings may use medieval Latin forms. Where possible, we have tried to ensure that Wiktionary entries are available for any words or spellings that may be unusual to a modern Latin reader more used to Classical forms.

The Vestibulum is now complete. If you have the skills and wish to check the Latin and the translation, this would be very much appreciated.